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We need law and order

First and most importantly, I’m so grateful that the 2 police officers shot Monday night on the Parkway are both OK. However, we have reached a crossroad in our city with the unabated gun violence and crime. There is absolutely no leadership present whatsoever. The criminal element has been emboldened by the inept and weak policies of District Attorney Krasner, and the mayor appeared Monday night to throw in the towel. This is unacceptable. I will be a pro-police, law and order voice in Harrisburg when elected. We cannot survive without law and order.

Al Taubenberger

Candidate, 172nd Legislative District

Good money if you can get it

Watlington is getting beaten up pretty good over his $450,000 consulting contract. As he should. How come no one is beating on Kenney’s handpicked school board for rubber stamping the contract. They deserve as much of a headache as Watlington. I guess this is what you get when the school board is picked by a disinterested mayor and not elected by the taxpayers. I would like to say the school district is in for a change with a new superintendent but it seems like deja vu all over again.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

See no evil

Philly is the real Groundhog Day.

The real Groundhog Day, like the Hollywood movie, is reliving the same nightmare day after day in this city.

Each day it’s the same sad news of another murder that keeps on ticking in this pitiful city.

Kenney and Krasner should be ashamed of themselves.

A delivery driver just blatantly shot in the head, and what do Kenney and Krasner do? Nothing. Same old bull—-.

And as always for the past four years since Krasner got into office, nothing really changed and nothing is being enforced.

You know where both Kenney and Krasner belong, in jail, since no one else seems to go there.

The two of them are like juveniles in the playground playing jacks and are totally oblivious to what’s going on around them, while chaos and carnage are being played out behind them.

So according to the groundhog if he sees his shadow, he certainly does see a shadow. A shadow of darkness over our city as long as Kenney and Krasner are in charge.

Al Ulus


Helping children in need

Recently, Cradles to Crayons was proud to host Team USA Olympian Nathan Chen and Paralympians Brad Snyder and Brenna Huckaby, with over 100 Comcast volunteers. Together they prepared clothing packs, shoes, books and school supplies and wrote accompanying cards of encouragement for children in need in the Greater Philadelphia region. This was the largest volunteer group we have hosted at our Giving Factory since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are grateful for Nathan, Brad and Brenna’s enthusiastic support of kids in need and are thankful to Comcast for coordinating the effort as part of its Team UP employee volunteer program. We have had a longstanding partnership with Comcast, and it is with theirs and the broader community’s support that Cradles to Crayons Philadelphia has surpassed serving 1 million children in our region. Together, we can ensure the next 1 million children have the essentials they need to thrive.

Michal Smith

Cradles to Crayons

Prosecute gun crimes

Words I never thought I’d hear again: “Climate of lawlessness has created a sense of impunity,” “the complete lack of law and order,” “protect your citizens by creating and enforcing laws,” “arrest individuals who commit crimes,” “keep dangerous individuals from committing repeat crimes,” “allow police to do their jobs” and “why are these individuals out on the street.”

It only took 2,562 murders since Mayor Kenney took office and 1,970 murders since DA Krasner was elected and the mass shooting on South Street to hear those words again. Even fellow Democrat Mayor Kenney called out DA Krasner about prosecuting gun violators. DA Krasner responded by stating that he handles each prosecution on an individual basis.

Mayor Kenney stated it is the state GOP that has the city’s hands tied. Even the top cop in Pennsylvania, Josh Shapiro, stated there have to be new laws. Why don’t they just use the laws on the books right now?

Under PA Crimes Code 6106 – Title 18 – Crimes and Offenses: The first offense on a gun charge in PA (and Philly is in PA), you can be charged with a third-degree felony carrying a maximum seven-year sentence and $15,000 fine. I know DA Krasner is an attorney and is supposed to work for the people of Philadelphia and not the defendants. If DA Krasner prosecuted all defendants arrested for gun violations to the fullest, word will get around not to carry an illegal gun in Philadelphia. That is how you stop the violence. Use the laws that are on the books, prosecute to the fullest and not on an individual basis.

Joe Nadolski

Academy Gardens

Bad guys ruining Philly

His goal has been achieved. His aspiration was to become the worst mayor in city history. His initial move when he took office was to declare we were a sanctuary city. I do not recall this ever being disclosed during his campaign. It was politically motivated. His term in office has gone downhill from there. I will skip all the highlights. The latest embarrassment to the city was the only mask mandate in the country that was removed in less than a week.

Now for the outrage. This has been one of the most difficult times in my life with the economy, inflation and supply chain disruption. He picks this year to raise our property tax. Is it going to be a small increase? My understanding is it will be 31 percent. Did he consider a delay or phasing in the increase? No, remember this is a career politician so we are no longer relevant. Plus his new budget is for $5.6 billion. I guarantee you an outside auditing firm would find a lot of questionable expenditures in his budget.

Now the real outrage. There are good guys and bad guys. The bad guys do not pay their real estate tax and in all likelihood their utility bills. The problem is the number of bad guys keeps increasing. My guess is the amount of property tax owed is a staggering amount. Kenney doesn’t pursue this because it is easier to tax the good guys, plus by not trying to collect from the bad guys they will want to keep him in office. He knows since we are a one-party city and his party will stay in office.

I do not know how the budget process works in our city but someone in Council should be standing up for the people. The weight of carrying the bad guys in this country is getting way more difficult. I have a lot of strong recommendations that I will not list here. Our only recourse may be to flood Council with letters, calls and even going to sessions. Again, they are more interested in the vote of the bad guys because they know we always comply and get your votes. (not mine)

The sad part is that middle-class hard-working people are not really represented by any level of government. We do not have a united front and play by the rules. The bottom line is they got us just where they want us and it is costing us big time.

Anthony Dello Russo

Fox Chase

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