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Fendi is your guy

Fendi is about 2 years old. He is a hound/Mastiff mix with long legs.

Fendi would do great as your one and only dog, or could live with another dog who was the right match, ideally a calmer-energy female who will not allow him to get too riled up and forget his manners. He would do fine with kids 8-plus. He’s just a big dude who may knock smaller ones over.

Fendi is crate/house trained, although he may have a few accidents as he transitions to a new home and routine. Fendi graduated from a pup-training program, and there will be some homework for the new family committed to continuing to work with him.

If you are looking for a fun, loyal goofball who is always up for an adventure, but is also well trained and well mannered, then Fendi may be your guy.

There are videos of him at https://youtu.be/dlzI4q-Sq5Y and https://youtu.be/qydg9pRCGmE.

For more info, email dtradoptions@gmail.com. ••

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