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No leadership

Leadership is defined as the art of motivating a group of people to act toward achieving a common goal. That common goal could be having a safe and crime-free city. It’s pretty obvious to me that we are lacking leadership in the city of Philadelphia when it comes to political policy. This glaring lack of leadership hasn’t just suddenly occurred, it has been present and festering for a very long time. We worry about it and talk about it and in some cases, political people whisper about it. After the horrible scene on the Parkway on July 4 and subsequent press briefing by the police commissioner, in reference to two of our police officers being shot, the mayor stepped out of the shadows and stopped the whispering and verified in front of everyone that it is true – there is no leadership. In a completely unprofessional dialogue, he told us all that he hates his job and can’t wait until he is no longer in it. Not exactly what confused, frightened and frustrated residents want to hear from their leader. We cannot move forward with a defeatist, inappropriate statement like that at a most critical time in our city’s history when residents are desperately seeking answers to the gun violence that is plaguing our city.

Al Taubenberger

Candidate, 172nd Legislative District

Don’t pay for stolen catalytic converters

On Tuesday evening, June 21, I was a victim of catalytic converter theft. I just want you to know, whoever you are, that you almost got caught. I had to file a police report, notify the insurance company, wait for an adjuster to look at my vehicle, then wait for an estimate and see if your theft of my vehicle part could be replaced. How was I supposed to go to work, doctor appointments or food shopping with no vehicle? How would you have liked to be without your vehicle for 8-10 days? Now because of your thoughtlessness and greed, my insurance policy rate will go up, through no fault of my own. Maybe you’d like to drop off $1,000 or at least half of the money you got for my auto part.

Junkyard dealers, you are also included in this theft because you pay the thieves for the stolen part. Please don’t pay for stolen catalytic converters. Maybe you would also like to return some of the money to the victims.

Residents of Tacony and Castor Gardens, beware, we have become the hot spots for stolen catalytic converters.

Ruth Cliggett


Outsourcing jobs harmful

The sons and daughters of American Workers from the 1960s and ‘70s tell us that outsourcing manufacturing jobs around the world has deeply hurt America’s future. Their parents state that jobs were always plentiful and overtime was often needed to keep up with the demand for the products they produced here in America. This was true in the past for all American workers who were employed, producing, shipping, selling, servicing or managing the production of products proudly made in the United States of America.

Today, the challenge we face is restoring all levels of jobs so America’s working-age and able-bodied people can support themselves and their families. We are now faced with enticing private sector businesses to bring about a “New Modern Industrial Revolution in the United States” as a way to have more products made and assembled in America.

After watching America’s national leaders promoting a global economy and not America’s economy, we all see the harm that outsourcing jobs has caused America’s economy and American workers. To help get America’s economy back on track, you are urged to contact your state and national elected officials and demand results.

Whether the issue is taxes, unneeded regulations on industries or the need for a more skilled workforce, elected officials and business leaders must work together to remove all barriers that are preventing private sector businesses from expanding their business operations in the United States.

For complete information on ways to contact your national elected leaders, visit the “Contact Your Elected Leaders” link located on the front page of AmericanWorkersRadio.com. Your participation is very important.

Michael Blichasz

American Workers Radio, 860 AM

Allow pharmacies to provide vaccines

Our world has changed dramatically, and we must do everything we can to ensure Pennsylvania communities have quick and ample access to vaccinations.

During the pandemic, the federal government estimates that pharmacies provided more than two of every three COVID-19 vaccine doses to Americans. A recent study by the Journal of American Pharmacists Association found there were 15% more pharmacies than physician offices in low-income communities. Pharmacies also were open significantly more hours. Unfortunately, this availability would stop once the federal government declares an official end to the public health emergency. Pennsylvania could join other states, including Virginia, Florida, Georgia and Illinois, in providing pharmacists the permanent ability to administer COVID-19 and other routine vaccinations. State legislation – House Bill 1535 and Senate Bill 511 – has been drafted to do just that.

Americans support Pennsylvania’s legislative effort. A recent survey by the National Association of Chain Drug Stores found that 68% support giving pharmacies the permanent ability to provide vaccinations. State lawmakers should act now on this common-sense legislation.

Patrick Lavella

Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association

Dodgeball not just for kids

The Democratic Party has come close to destroying our city in its 65-plus years of running the show. In his term in office, the governor just accelerated the decline of Pa. The current administration in D.C. has done irreparable harm socially, culturally and economically, both nationally and internationally, to our country. Even more frightening, we have not yet felt the impact of his decisions, like letting millions of illegals cross the border.

Now the dodgeball part is just like 2020, when they use COVID and George Floyd. Now they are using abortion and an all-out assault on the Supreme Court as their smokescreen to cover up the debacle they have created. Biden’s speech on July 4 talked about taking away constitutional rights. He does not even know Roe v. Wade had nothing to do with the Constitution. I can assure he does not know that in the final 90 days, abortion is only permitted to save the life of the mother. He has no other Trump (no pun intended) card to play other than abortion. I find it hypocritical that he is saying it is their body and they should have the right to choose when he mandated us to get an experimental vaccine not approved by the FDA. Even more absurd, he let all the illegals in who were not vaccinated. I can assure you he is not smart enough or slick enough to come up with this game plan. Someone in the backroom is calling the shots.

This has even trickled down to the race for governor and the Senate seat. Larry Krasner (oops, Josh Shapiro) only talks about his opponent’s abortion position and nothing else. He has not said anything about his qualifications, which are few and far between. Same with Fetterman and Oz. Wish we had None of the Above on the ballot for the Senate seat.

I watched something on YouTube and wished I had not. It was a doctor testifying in front of a Senate panel on all the late-term abortions he had done. This should be a mandatory viewing for our fearless leaders and those out there protesting.

All the addresses used by Chuck Schumer should be posted everywhere.

Anthony Dello Russo

Fox Chase

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