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Learning to ‘Flush the Fear’

From left: Bucks County Community College’s Donna Kirn, Beth Allen, Pam Henshall.
Pam Henshall (left) and Theresa Guldin, of Tompkins Community Bank.

The Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce last week held its fifth annual Women in Business Conference and Luncheon.

The event took place Aug. 3 at Holy Family University. Welcoming the crowd was Eric Nelson, Holy Family’s chief financial officer and the Chamber’s treasurer.

Parx Casino was the presenting sponsor.

Author/speaker Beth Allen provided the opening presentation, followed by sessions on various topics and a keynote luncheon panel.

CORA Services was the welcome sponsor, and its CEO, AnnMarie Schultz, introduced Allen.

Allen is the founder of HIP (Home Improvement Project) Chicks, a DIY resource for women. She’s also a registered nurse, licensed contractor and author of the self-help book Flush the Fear.

Pam Henshall, Chamber president, said she is addicted to Allen’s YouTube channel, which has more than 3 million views, interestingly, 60 percent by men.

As Allen spoke, she was surrounded by a toilet, plunger, toilet paper and tool box containing a hammer, adjustable wrench, duct tape and tape measure. She even wears a small hammer on her necklace.

Allen asked the women, at home, to put a piece of duct tape on an index card.

“Remind yourself to silence that negative voice,” she said.

As for the tape measure, she said it can be used to be healthier, saying drinking seven glasses of water a day is better than five and walking 15 minutes is better than 10.

Allen asked the women, at home, to take a piece of toilet paper, go to a quiet place and think of a big fear that causes anxiety and negative thoughts.

For Allen, it’s self-worth.

“Write on that square what you’re ready to let go of,” she said.

Next, she said the women should read their fears out loud before disposing of the paper in the toilet.

“Flush your fear goodbye,” she said. “If you need a whole roll, that’s OK.” ••

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