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Ban ‘weapons of war’

I find it so amazing that so many assault weapons are out there on our streets killing our children. Why? I hear people say it’s not the guns, it’s the crazy people. That means there are no crazy people in other countries, wow. Why do they not have all the murders of their children that we have? Maybe it’s the guns. Should we wish that it was their children who were killed? No, their children don’t deserve to die any more than ours do just because of what you’re doing to our country. Try to think a little bit more. I know there is a lot of money involved, but think if it was your children. I am not against the Second Amendment, only these weapons of war.

Rus Slawter Sr.


Costly coach for superintendent

Mayor Kenney has struck again with a new superintendent whose salary is $330,000 per annum, plus a contract of $450,000 to a friend to help him find Central High, relocation expenses undetermined and how many other perks we don’t know about. The expression to taxpayers is simply: You are screwed.

Help me understand, Jimbo. We established a search committee internally, then a national search committee, narrowed it to three candidates, and selected Watlington from Nashville with a school population 15 percent of Philly.

For everyone who participated in the selection who were previously lookouts at Pearl Harbor, next time look for a new superintendent who doesn’t require “direction,” and we will save a bundle of money and better help the children’s education.

You can’t make this stuff up. Why not give him a map of Philly and show him where the “subway” and “El” are.

He states he doesn’t know what to do. How the heck did we get lucky enough to get him?

On opening day, Jimbo and Watlington can stand in front of Northeast High, hand in hand, watching students going in not knowing what’s in store for them. Pray for them or if I remember my Latin, “Ora Pro Nobis.”

Michael E. Hartey

Upper Moreland (formerly of Burholme)

The good ol’ days

First let me say I was raised in a section of Philadelphia named Brewerytown, a neighborhood known for the many breweries and jobs they provided.

I wanted this letter to be a bit lighter during these trying times. A time when food, gas and utilities and so many other things are so expensive for all of us. I thought I would share what it was like during the 1940s and 1950s in our neighborhood.

A man would come along at night and with his little ladder and light the lights. He was known as the lamplighter. Ice would be delivered for our ice box, not refrigerator. Coal would be delivered before the cold winter and it was neat to see it pile up through the window in front of our cellar so our house would be kept warm during the snowy days of winter.

We also had daily deliveries of milk to our steps and sometimes Mom would order chocolate milk as a treat, how delicious.

My dad would order a case of beer from the beer man and invite some neighbors to our home as we were the only ones on the block who had a television (10-inch screen) to see the Friday Night Fights.

Of course there were so many games for us children to play. There was ball and jacks, hopscotch, jump rope, card games, Old Maid, War, paper dolls and also hide and seek. Let’s not forget bike riding and roller skating. We could be outside all day and not come home till supper time.

Our parents never had to worry about our safety. What a marvelous time. Of course on the hot summer days, some of our mischievous boys would turn on the fire plug and we would put our feet and ourselves into it until the cops would show up to turn it off as we ran. How refreshing. Lastly, my friends tell me they really enjoyed hearing the click clack of the horse and wagon carrying the delicious fruits and vegetables. He was called the “huckster.”

I hope I have reminded some of you out there of the wonderful and some great memories of years gone by.

Patti Wirsz


Trashing traditional values 

Mayor Kenney seems to have given up on our city. Unfortunately, the 1.5 million citizens of Philadelphia do not have the option of surrender.

Maybe it is time for the “new” Democrat party running this city to take a look in the mirror. The party is more aligned now with Marxism than with Michael Nutter.

When you brag about defunding police, emptying the jails and ending most police stops, you send a powerful message about any consequences for crime.

Aside from all the shootings and carjackings, daily life in this city is alarming. Drivers speed, blare music and run stop signs at will. Public rudeness has replaced respect, and no senior wants to go out after dark. There is a sense of lawlessness, everywhere.

When you mock traditional values, tear down statues and banish Frank Rizzo, Columbus and even Kate Smith – you sneer at history and alienate whole communities.

When the schools support race-scapegoating and gender-fluidity, and the libraries host “drag queen” events, you aim a dagger at the heart of faith and family, and create confused, angry young people with no sense of gratitude or values.

You have squandered our taxes. Since Mayor Nutter left office, city spending has gone up 40%. Where has that money gone? Not to the neighborhoods.

And now you want to inflict the pain of massive tax increases to homeowners who are already being whipsawed by inflation and crime. Have you no shame?

You Democrats did this — Kenney, Krasner and Council, and with leftist backing and a compliant media. You wrecked this city.

The old Ed Rendell/Bob Brady Democrats had their problems, but at least they lived on the same cultural planet as the rest of us. I don’t think they would trash traditional values or let criminals run wild.

Are there any moderate, sensible Democrats left? Or bold, new Republicans? We need you to run for office, and hope there is enough common sense left to elect you.

Richard Iaconelli


Nice guys finish last

I have one question for this president on student loan forgiveness. How about all of those who repaid their loans even when it was a financial hardship for them to make payments? Many of them had minimized their loan amount by attending state universities and community colleges.

There is no mention of this at all. At least some formal recognition. Sounds like the good guys take it on the chin again.

Anthony Dello Russo

Fox Chase

Wrong to blame Krasner, Kenney

St. Louis has the most big-city murders (64) per 100,000 population. As a comparison, here are 5 other large cities that have a higher murder rate than Philadelphia: Baltimore (58), Detroit (41), New Orleans (30), Richmond (23) and Washington, D.C. (23). Philadelphia is 16th-highest nationally at 22, or about ⅓ the rate of St. Louis. Many who write to the NE Times are quick to fix the blame but never offer suggestions as to how to fix the problem. Blaming Krasner and Kenney for the violence is a gross oversimplification.

Worldwide murder rates per 100,000 population are: USA 5.3, Canada 1.8, France 1.3, Germany 1.0, New Zealand 0.7, South Korea 0.6, Japan 0.2. Rounding the numbers, the U.S. has a murder rate 3X as high as Canada, 4X as high as France, 5X as high as Germany, almost 8X as high as New Zealand and 26X as high as Japan. People pointing fingers are entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts.

Mel Flitter


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