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Refurbishing bikes for good use

Two local boys were among those receiving bikes donated by the Guinan family.


The Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association presented certificates of appreciation to Chris Guinan and his family, including granddaughter Sophia.

Fox Rok girls basketball players paint bikes.

Three generations of the Guinan family are continuing their tradition of providing bicycles to needy young people.

Last Friday night, the family donated 22 bikes to the Northeast Philadelphia Chinese Association.

Chris Guinan and his nephew, Joe Sulpazo, piled the bikes in the back of their pickup trucks and – along with Chris’ wife Cindy and granddaughter Sophia – delivered them to the Church of Grace To Fujianese, Rowland Avenue and Wellington Street.

The bikes were accepted by Mingchu “Pearl” Huynh, president and project director of the NEPCA. Huynh presented certificates of appreciation to the family and Sophia, a 10-year-old who will be entering fifth grade at St. Jerome.

Earlier this month, the Guinans donated 200 bikes to Esperanza, 4261 N. 5th St., and Rock Ministries, 2755 Kensington Ave.

The Guinans paint, clean and repair donated bicycles year round in the backyard of their Winchester Park home.

Four of Sophia’s Fox Rok AA basketball teammates – Jemma Faustino, Cara McGettigan, Leah McGettigan and Maeve King – helped out in this most recent effort.

Over the last 11 years, the Guinans have donated 1,550 bicycles, mostly “like new” used bikes and some new.

SEPTA employees have donated many of the bikes, and the transit agency has also passed on bikes never claimed from its lost and found. Chris Guinan retired two years ago from SEPTA, and his children Lauren and Christian work there.

The Guinans also refurbish bikes discarded at Burns Recycling.

Anyone who wants to donate a bicycle can email Chris Guinan at cguinan8119@gmail.com. ••

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