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Kids first, not a consulting company

I agree with Al Taubenberger’s letter about eliminating the 4-H program. Shocking, to say the least. This program helps to teach kids a work ethic, caring for animals, getting along with others and forming friendships that may last a lifetime. Is the ridiculous $55-an-hour charge being put in place to pay for the consultant company? The superintendent of schools needs to know the value of this program. Put kids first, not a consulting company.

Marie Patton

Fox Chase

Shout out to great neighbor

I’m writing today to give a shout out and “thank you” to an elderly black gentleman who I have seen twice in the past week walking up Cottman Ave. (near Battersby St.) at about 6:30 a.m. picking up litter and placing it into a bag he’s carrying. It’s great to see great neighbors doing their part to keep our neighborhood a great place to live and work. Well done, sir. Thank you.

Bob Cummings


The state of the city

The recent edition had a Letter to the Editor mentioning my name along with several others. The author apparently doesn’t approve of my letters, some of which are critical of the city. Once upon a time, this was the acceptable format to allow people to express an opinion without being criticized or condemned.

I think the gentleman involved should consider standing in front of a full-length mirror and ask himself several questions.

Is he content with the current state of affairs in our city socially, culturally and economically? Does he think a one-party system works for the citizens of our city?

Is he as angry and upset at what Hillary Clinton did during the 2016 elections? A total fabrication accusing Trump of Russian collusion. This involved a firm, hired by her, that has been accused of hacking Trump’s server possibly even after he was elected. Apparently, the FBI was involved with this. It has now been disclosed that this was not true, and she orchestrated the entire chain of events in her attempt to win an election. Final part is how did this magically disappear from the news?

These are personal questions that he does not need to share his answers with anyone. Hopefully, the answer to question 1 is No.

Anthony Dello Russo

Fox Chase

Trump not a victim in the raid

I read with astonishment Mr. John Farley’s letter (“Equal justice under the law?” Aug. 17), in which he attempts to present former President Trump as the victim of the FBI raid on his mansion.

This raid turned up crates of government documents. Mr. Farley does not seem to realize that these documents are the property of We, the People of the United States; documents to be kept under supervision of our democratically elected government.

In Trump’s confiscation of these documents, We the People were the victims.

Questions are being asked as to why Trump would hold on to these documents. As it appears that many of these documents pertain to military matters, a possible answer is being suggested that Mr. Trump is counting on being re-elected. Then, as president he would give these top-secret military documents to his friends, the dictators Vladimir Putin of Russia and Kim Jong-un of North Korea, thus paving the way for a three-way domination of the free world, such as was attempted in the 1930s by Fascist Mussolini of Italy, Imperialist Japan and Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

If Mr. Farley would pick up a history book, he would learn that this country fought a war against this three-headed evil. Thousands of American lives were lost, but, in the end we won. We call this World War II.

Perhaps, just perhaps, Mr. Trump’s purpose in holding on to top-secret military documents was to bolster a Trumpian dream of three-way world domination? A nightmare for the free world.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the FBI averted this nightmare? In which case Mr. John Farley, and all of the “Farleys” of the nation, should thank the FBI for their service.

Roland Williams

Pennypack East

Stop the personal attacks in letters

I opened the NE Times the other day and found a letter slandering me – and not for a letter I wrote – but one the author “thinks” I will be writing.

Mr. Michael Podgorski has never met me, yet he knows I am a “whiner,” with “no values,” and I am also a “fascist” and a “chump.” He has done this to others here – he’s a sort of drive-by accuser. But why is he so nasty?

Mr. Podgorski appears to be the most diehard of liberals – the elitist crowd, smarter than the room. It must be hard, then, to carry so much failure on your shoulders.

How can Mr. P. defend liberals’ open borders and fentanyl pouring into the country? (Over 100,000 deaths last year.)

Can he defend massive increases in food and energy prices and the destruction of savings under the “greening” of America? (Seniors may soon become “soylent green.”)

What excuse does he make for bailing out of Afghanistan, a signal for letting China and Russia run wild? (Now, more billions being poured into Ukraine.)

He shrugs at today’s liberals who teach race theory and gender fluidity to little children. That’s child abuse in my book. (You see, Mr. P, I have “values.”)

As for our city, is it “whining” to note the massive number of shootings (over 1,000 so far), carjackings and, now, hit-and-runs under an incompetent leadership? (All liberals.)

Mr. P. wrote that only “chumpsters” seem to think the Mar-a-Lago raid was wrong. Legal scholars from Alan Dershowitz to Jonathan Turley say otherwise. In fact, the Secret Service guards Mar-a-Lago 24/7 – what security risks? Putin won’t be sneaking in any time soon.

Watch the next few weeks on the Mar-a-Lago story. It is liberal hysteria. Mr. Podgorski will be proven wrong – once again.

Richard Iaconelli


The real threat to democracy

So Biden is going to give a speech on the threats to democracy. He can talk about himself for the whole time because he is the biggest threat to democracy. The Iran treaty, the Afghanistan pullout and the southern border influx are all threats to democracy he has created. And we haven’t even gotten to the economic and COVID fiascos. I hope he owns up to them.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

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