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Liars should move to Fla.

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To Michael A. Podgorski, you are absolutely correct in your letter. There surely are an abundance of lies from some people who write in to the paper. I don’t know if it is intentional or just plain ignorance. It’s easy to lie when you aren’t in front of someone who can dispute them with real facts. Some of their time should be spent on getting the facts before they write in and embarrass themselves. If Pa. is so bad, why not move down to Florida where there is an abundance of lying politicians. It amazes me that there are so many people with their head in the sand in regard to Trumpee. He is nothing but an egotistical, self-serving liar. The just solution would be jail as soon as possible.

Vincent Mosiniak


Senior citizen intimidation

My husband and I stopped at the Wawa, 7913 Oxford Ave., at about 11 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 8, to fill our car with gas. When we got out of our vehicle, a man of color, about 6-1, 23, wearing a royal blue hoodie and dark dungarees, approached us. He asked if he could pump the gas for us. My husband answered no, the man kept insisting on doing it, and we both said no. This aggressive beggar gave us a lot of lip service. I went in, and told the Wawa store manager of the situation; he stated he would handle it. The manager called out from the front entrance way and told the man to stop this behavior; the subject sassed back to the manager and continued soliciting. Other patrons were harassed by the same person. He refused to leave the pumping area. We called police radio, and the dispatcher stated they would send a sector car when one becomes available. He continued to approach motorists at the pumps, especially female drivers. Also, I called Wawa corporate and reported this incident. Hoping for a remedy to the problem.

Elaine Lynch


Take down Billy Penn

I see so many articles about the sculpture of Harriet Tubman and who should be the person to do the work. What is the difference if it’s a black sculptor or white or yellow or pink or whatever color a person is, to me, that is not the point.

I wrote to every Council person, the mayor, that we have a statue of Billy Penn sitting on top of City Hall and no one said that the statue of Harriet Tubman is going to be looked down upon by a slave owner who had 12 slaves build his house and 2 slaves servants.

I like art. I do not know much about it but love looking at it and, for me, it makes no difference who made the art, just let me enjoy it.

I just think that it is wrong that we have this statue on top of City Hall, Billy Penn, as a representative of our city and our City Council is OK with that.

Bob McCann


Fake justice

According to Attorney General Merrick Garland, the raid on Trump was a “faithful adherence to the rule of law and applying the law fairly.” Furthermore, he went on to say it was applied “even-handed.” Well, I beg to differ on that statement and as Joe Biden would say, that’s a whole bunch of malarkey.

Many commentators have said that Trump is not above the law. True, no one is.

But let’s look at the criminal behaviors of Trump’s opposition. Why is Hillary Clinton treated different. Why is Hillary, the high priestess of the Democratic party, off scot-free?

She did not get the same treatment and scrutiny from the DOJ when James Comey waved off Hillary with her careless mishandling of very highly classified information on her email server.

Comey called it sloppy handling of classified information and to the DOJ it meant nothing and let her go just like that, with no incident.

If mob boss John Gotti is called the Teflon Don, then Hillary is certainly the Queen of the Teflon Pantsuit.

Furthermore, the FBI and the DOJ had knowledge of Hunter Biden’s laptop for well over two years, and they are still dragging their feet on their investigation, but they were quick enough to ransack Trump.

How about the one-sided trial of a Democrat-appointed jury for Michael Sussmann, a man who lied about the Steele report under Hillary’s command, and everything about the Russian collusion was a hoax, and just like that, Sussman is acquitted of all charges, and not even a perjury charge.

And finally we have Congressman Eric Swalwell, who had a relationship with a Chinese spy, but yet he was appointed to the House Intelligence Committee to investigate Jan. 6.

So Mr. Garland, don’t tell the American people that all are treated “even-handed” in your book. Something smells fishy in the swamps of Washington.

And from the look of things, the swamp is always above the law.

Al Ulus


Same old school district

Looks like we’re under the same management. The school district instituted early openings several years ago and they always lose one or two days of that week due to heat. Using the excuse that 100 schools don’t have air condition is gaslighting. The new superintendent paid that consultant a couple hundred-thousand dollars and all he had to do was look at the weather and they would have known it was going to be hot (now we know why they aren’t brain surgeons). If this is the start, I can’t wait to see the rest of this road show.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Terrible city leaders

To our moronic Mayor Kenney, if you want to quit being our mayor it would be fine with us.

Your pick for police commissioner has been such a disaster that she can’t recruit enough policemen and can’t get a job in New York.

You determine who is on the school board and they have done nothing but ruin the progress of our students.

Over 1,000 charter students recently are scrambling to find seats at the last minute.

They are ruining the top schools by using some stupid unproven new methodology with ZIP codes that appear to have racial overtones.

They just hired a new superintendent who knows so little that he needs 80-plus people with months of studying the SDP that the current school year will be over by the time they make their decisions.

He paid a friend of his $450,000 and gave one union a huge contract that will affect all the city contracts when they come due again.

All the misspent SDP dollars cost Philadelphians who pay real estate taxes.

We can’t even enjoy our tax dollars because of all the gun violence.

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

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