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Respect life

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I want to commend Pastor Joey Klinger and the members of the Redemption Church at Rhawn and Bustleton, for their thoughtful “Memorial to the Lost.” It runs through Sept. 24.

The church grounds are surrounded with many colored shirts on posts, each engraved with the name and date of a gun violence death in Philadelphia.

I am glad this church cares, and is willing to make a statement.

My only disagreement is these are not simply victims of “gun” violence, they are victims of human violence — the choice to use a gun to kill.

We need to think further on how we must target the dark heart, more than just target guns. There must be more respect for life.

Richard Iaconelli


Krasner not above the law

I absolutely support last week’s decision by the Pa. House of Representatives to hold District Attorney Larry Krasner in contempt for his refusal to comply with duly-authorized subpoenas issued by the House Select Committee on Restoring Law and Order in Philadelphia.

Neither Mr. Krasner nor any other elected or appointed government officials are above the law. We have a crime crisis in Philadelphia, and it’s affecting every neighborhood. If the district attorney has caused this atmosphere by being derelict in his duties and exercising policies that are detrimental to public safety, then relevant records and the DA’s explanation is needed.

Mr. Krasner works for the people, the people don’t work for him. If he and the people’s records need to be brought to Harrisburg by him being escorted by law enforcement officers, then let’s do it. Enough.

Al Taubenberger

Candidate, 172nd Legislative District

Beautiful park

I would like to give a heartfelt shout out and thank you to the WeLoveU Foundation and state Rep. Jared Solomon for the beautiful new park at Doggy Island. As a kid, I would avoid that side of the street. I had called about it some years back and found out the city did not own it, so that is why they did not take care of it; it is state-owned. I found out that Jared had something in the works, and boy, what a great surprise.

I am so happy for the folks who live right across the street who now have a great view. I walked through it and loved seeing folks enjoying it.

Thank you for making the Northeast more beautiful.

Eileen Teti

Castor Gardens


Email to We in the Colonies from a Merry Old Wife of London on Royalitis afflicting British (and maybe other) husbands too old to queue to see Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Lying-in-State in Westminster Hall. Symptoms include sleeplessness, grumpiness, binge watching the telly, binge drinking whatever alcoholic and an inability to sing “God Save the Que-er-King.” Like them, I spent quite some time during the period of mourning lying-in-recliner watching BBC.

E.T. Friel

Fox Chase

A pathetic leader

After two police officers were shot, Kenney has the nerve to say he wants to quit being mayor, nothing more than a slap to the FOP.

You are the mayor, you should be mad as hell that happened to one of our own.

You don’t whimper like a coward. You fight back for justice, not run away from it.

Kenney, you are a pathetic leader, and the people of this city who elected him should be ashamed, no, outraged by electing this loser.

Same goes for Krasner.

As far as I am concerned, if you want out, see ya, don’t let the door hit you in the a–.

Al Ulus


Recent news

What has transpired recently? Lately, I have not heard President Biden say anything about taxpayers who make less than $400,000 being taxed. Well President (King) Biden just forgave $10,000 of student loan debt for each individual. So, what does that mean? King Biden has not forgiven any debt but passed the debt to the taxpayers. And with only 42.9% of U.S. households paying income taxes in 2021, this means that the average burden per U.S. household for the new student loan debt cancellation will be $2,503.22. (This estimate comes from the National Taxpayers Union.)

Also, California just passed a law where only electric cars will be sold in that state after 2035.  But this week, California announced because of the heat wave, they asked their citizens to raise their thermostats from 75 degrees to 78 degrees and asked electric vehicle owners not to charge their electric vehicles until after 10 p.m. or preferably after midnight. Did California put the cart before the horse with electric cars? Shouldn’t California have the infrastructure in place before passing laws?

Joe Nadolski

Academy Gardens

Move on

I want to thank Mr. Michael Podgorski for the recognition and I really appreciate that he reads my letters. As far as the Trump situation, everything will come out in the wash. Just like the 2 impeachments and the Russiangate investigation. We’ll surely find out what is occurring because at this time the DOJ is leaking like a sieve. Even if they don’t get him for this, I know they will keep trying. I’m not a great Trump fan but the voting situation in this country has become, I’m not voting for this person, I’m voting against the other person. And that is a shame. Trump has been out of office for more than a year and a half. It’s time to move on.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Plummeting population

This is the start of the election misinformation season that some facts and truths are left out before we make our selections.

I was curious about what type of mayor John Fetterman was from Braddock from all his hyped commercials.

Did you know he did such a great job the population of Braddock went from under 3,000 (2000) and steadily down through 2010 to under 1,800 in the 2020 census?

Braddock isn’t even 1 square mile.

Fetterman ran for Senate in 2016 and now again in 2022.

How many cops can they have, Andy and Barney?

Last one out of Braddock please turn off the lights.

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

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