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Trump’s selfish greed

Seems Al Ulus is still living in the Nixon and Rizzo years with his last comment on excusing Donald Trump’s many crimes. Both Hilary Clinton and Hunter Biden were under political attacks. An error on her part and suspicion on his. Nothing was proven. But anyone with smarts would have known Trump was a bad idea and was not qualified to be president. They put in a guy who shows the worst of America and has no respect for the rule of law. Now his wayward behavior is being exposed. Along with his many crooked associates who will lie, cheat and do anything for greed to stay in power and out of prison. By the way, where are his “audited taxes?” No “wall” was built and he keeps asking for donations? Trump and Steve Bannon know how to rob, steal, hustle and scheme his supporters, that’s for sure. Many forget Trump is a “businessman” first, all else is up to speculation. What do shrewd business people do? Anything goes to achieve their selfish greed to benefit. He would sell his own mother to the highest bidder, let alone a country. Sad day when he was elected. Trump the Con Don Pied Piper of rogue cops, wayward politicians, crooked lawyers and corrupt judges, clueless reality TV celebrities and a hypocrite (R) party. He should be locked up in (fired) former FBI agent Comey’s handcuffs.

Carl Williams


Stop hiding, John

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman suffered a stroke on May 13, 2022.

Four days later, Fetterman overwhelmingly won the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate by over 400,000 votes. Fetterman celebrated his nomination from a hospital bed at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Hospital recovering from his stroke. We thank God that Fetterman lived and is slowly recovering. We wish him and his family nothing but the best and a speedy recovery.

However, Mr. Fetterman, it is now four months since your stroke. You have made very few public appearances and the few you have spoken at have not gone well. Your halting speech. Your stumbling words. Your incoherent thoughts. These are not the best look for someone seeking one of the 100 seats in the “greatest deliberative body in the world.” Sir, you are not close to being ready to fill a seat in the U.S. Senate in January 2023.

A U.S. senator for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has to advocate for the citizens and voters of our region while being our representative in Washington. Before mail-in ballots went out statewide, Mr. Fetterman had an obligation to let us know if he is up to handling the high pressure job of U.S. senator well before this late date. He chose not to do so and now it’s way too late.

Now Fetterman is insisting that he will participate in only one debate, in late October, with accommodations for closed captioning so that he can hear and understand questions and answers. The statewide Democratic party had a duty to replace Fetterman on the ballot with a candidate who is hitting on all cylinders, back in May or June this year. They chose not to do so and now it’s way too late.

Too bad for the voters of Pennsylvania. Now with ballots going to homes all across the state, Fetterman is still on the ballot. That’s truly regrettable.

So while I feel bad for Mr. Fetterman’s recent health woes, that does not give him carte blanche to take his campaign exclusively indoors. John, get out of the basement. Stop hiding and trolling your opponent from home while becoming the media darling of Twitter. Campaign in person around the state and give your opponent more than one debate. Otherwise, I have to believe that you are not up to the demands of a six-year term in the U.S. Senate. Pennsylvania deserves nothing less than your total and complete transparency. Come clean, John, or drop out of the race.

John Farley


The past is the past

In regard to the “Take down Billy Penn” letter, I always find it amazing when some liberal thinks they can change history by pasting modern-day concepts and beliefs onto the past. Penn owned slaves; big deal, since the 1600s had slavery all over the planet. Maybe he wants the country to drop all the founding fathers, too, because they lived what was normal life in their time. Maybe take all their pictures off our currency and put pics of Marx, Stalin and Che on them. Don’t forget to dump Grant off the fifty, too, since he was a racist and owned a slave, too. He tried to kick the Jews out of three states and gave them 24 hours to get out, General Order No. 11. Trying to apply modern social concepts to a society 500 years ago is moronic.

Hezakiah Levinson


Ask yourself

I have stated on numerous occasions I am not affiliated with either party. I recently changed from a registered Democrat after at least a light year. Hopefully, some day our state will become forward thinking and allow independents to vote in primary elections.

Those on the left automatically bring Trump into the picture if you have a difference of opinion. Why do they always assume you are or were a Trump supporter? They criticize, condemn, insult and even question your honesty and integrity if you do not agree with them. Why are you not permitted to have a difference if it is apparent you are only a concerned citizen?

They should try to put their anger aside and hatred of Trump to ask themselves if they are satisfied with the Biden administration and all that has transpired since they took office. They should ask themselves since Pennsylvania has 13 million people, are Fetterman and Oz the best candidates for the United States Senate. They should ask themselves will the mayor and DA leave the city in a better position from when they took office. They should ask themselves if Biden has to step down, would they want Harris as president. They should ask themselves if they are concerned about record inflation, rising interest rates and a plummeting stock market. They should ask themselves if they are concerned with escalating violence, liberal DAs and open borders. They should ask themselves if they are happy I am stopping here.

Really difficult questions but you should be able to express an opinion without being  condemned. When I look around and see what is happening to our city, state and country, it makes me sad.

Anthony Dello Russo

Fox Chase

King Biden

Now that King Biden has transferred student debt to the taxpayers and thoughtfully gained more votes for the midterms, he has done it again. Now, King Biden did not have a seat at the table with negotiators, but Biden was center stage with the announcement that the rail strike was avoided and even claimed that grocery prices will be reduced. (King Biden never mentioned how they will be reduced.) Since he took center stage in saying a strike has been avoided, so he has to take responsibility for the costs of avoiding a strike. But at what costs?

I read three newspapers (Does the media want to protect King Biden from the reality of the settlement) trying to find out the average salary for the possible national rail strikers? I had to Google it.

The average salary for the national rail workers is $122,000. What did the workers gain in the settlement? A 24% increase in salary over five years (that is almost a $30,000 increase in salary). Also, a $5,000 immediate bonus. Sounds like King Biden is trying to buy more votes for the midterms. And who is going to pay for this? Us. And how will this settlement lower grocery prices? The national railroads are not going to lose money, and additional costs will be trickled (fire-hosed down) to the consumers. Who are the consumers? Us.

It seems to me that King Biden was looking for more votes for the midterms instead of looking out for the American people.

Joe Nadolski

Academy Gardens

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