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Same old playbook

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At Trump rallies, you’ll get the same old Republi-can’t talking points and playbook. Use fear and economy to try to scare voters. Most stats say that crimes are higher in “red states,” where gun laws are too relaxed and not enforced. You allow guns then what do you think buyers will do with them, keep them as showcase trophies? What about the many school and other public shootings that happen from trigger-happy assault gun users? The economy could be doing great under any Democrat government yet the Repubs will find something to make negative and a big deal to downplay it. Ever wonder why Exxon and Mobil gas station prices are higher in fuel more than other companies? Because they are owned by Republican greed. What about those tax breaks to the rich, the outsourcing of American jobs, not raising the minimum wages, attacks on women’s rights, political lies and voter suppression and other illegal tricks? Price gouging and many other evils the Repubs do for greed and to stay in power? Trump promised a border wall but he and Steve Bannon took his supporters’ money for self gratification. Think over it.

Carl Williams


A perfect fit

It shouldn’t be shocking that the city of Philadelphia is getting World Cup games. It’s a perfect fit. We are basically like the South American third-world cities that get the games. Philadelphia is mired in poverty, corruption and crime, so it fits the criteria for the games. We can’t control our streets now. What happens when 100,000 crazed soccer fans show up at our front door. The 2020 riots might be a precursor if we have the same people running the city.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Teach our children knowledge

History, algebra, spelling, reading and writing.

That’s what our generation grew up learning.

Today’s children are being taught perverse sex acts, gender issues, critical race theory and whatever else corrupt other than a curriculum.

Our children are being dumbed down with nonsense and not getting the crucial education they need to function or labor in society.

Where is the brainpower?
There was a time when we were competitive with foreign nations for intellectual prowess to have our younger generation able to have the smarts to innovate and the skills to invent and produce.

Now we have them dancing around in drag and singing silly pop songs.

Are we able to produce a next generation of doctors, scientists and innovators?

What happened to “No child left behind?”

With the school boards pushing this agenda, our children are being left behind and lagging intellectually with the rest of the world because we are too caught up on political correctness, politeness or a whole bunch of wokeness nonsense.

Our children’s brains are not like the fried egg sizzling in that pan in the television commercial: “This is your child’s brain on woke.”

It’s more like a scrambled mess.

Al Ulus


Think before you vote

Both nationally and locally the Democrats are making us lazy, stupid prostitutes by their actions.

Biden is spending future tax dollars by forgiving student loan debt, giving out free dollars for not working and looking for other reasons to do more of the same.

That additional US Treasury debt has to be paid back with interest sometime with interest rates going up.

Moronic Mayor Kenney appoints the unqualified school board who doesn’t expand the capacity of Masterman, etc. or create similar schools.

They keep limiting the capacity and are using some unproven method with some undefined term called equity.

Their method is using ZIP codes that will hurt today’s eligible students by attempting to correct what they claim was some sort of past inequity.

So this November, think long and hard before you vote so you don’t have the regrets that we now have about electing Kenney and Krasner twice each.

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

Gender madness

There is a war going on against our children.

I was shocked to read on the PA Dept. of Education website (“Gender/Gender Identity”) that it is wrong to believe in male and female. The Dept. is promoting a gender-free celebration day, extending down to the 3rd grade.

For months, our library system ran an ad promoting its “drag queen” events for children.

Teachers unions are now OK with graphic sex in our school books. We used to call that pornography.

Joe Biden wants changes to Title IX that will create more gender-free mischief in girls locker rooms.

And yet it gets much darker. Young children are now given puberty-blockers that destroy their bodies. Schools and teachers team with hospitals (in Chicago and Boston) and universities (Duke) to mutilate boys and girls, sometimes by removing their sex organs.

Do any of you reading this think 13-year-olds are mature enough to choose their sexual destruction? This, especially in the aftermath of two years of COVID isolation and depression.

What does it say that in all of recorded history, no civilization ever supported such madness? Except perhaps Dr. Mengele in Nazi Germany.

Where is the outrage? From our leaders, our churches, our citizenry? Are we ignorant, or just too afraid to be tagged as “domestic terrorists” by the Justice Department.

The Democrat Party, the corporate media and big pharma are the crime-gang responsible here. There is big money in medical sex treatments that require a lifetime of drugs and care.

And the new Marxists get a big win. They seek to ruin a child’s basic identity, and separate children from their parents — forever. The State becomes Orwell’s “Big Brother” and owns your kids and the future.

You can read about these abuses online through reporter Chris Rufo, at the City Journal (of New York).

Only a few have spoken out against this madness, such as Marjorie Taylor Greene and governor candidate Doug Mastriano. Most politicians are hiding under the bed.

Please feel free to share this letter with your friends of any political belief. Speak up. Basic human decency demands we respond.

Otherwise, someday God surely will.

Richard Iaconelli


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