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Dems dividing America

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The misnamed Inflation Control Act will do nothing to control inflation. Just another of Biden and the Democratic Party lies.

For several weeks, the price of gasoline had been going down, but now it’s starting to increase again.

However, the price of diesel fuel is still over $5 a gallon. Why is that? Lower the price, and the cost of all goods delivered by truck can be reduced.

The “talking heads” are making much of the abortion controversy and how it will affect the midterm elections in November. They say that the polls show that it will determine the women’s vote.

Sure, it’s a very emotional subject for many women, but so is the cost of putting gas in your car when you need to drive your kids to school, when you go to the grocery and spend twice your usual budget for half the amount of food and necessities, when you try to find formula for that baby you didn’t abort, when your savings and retirement accounts are in the toilet, and interest rates are through the roof.

The Democrats assure us that as soon as we switch to electric (actually, battery-powered) cars, eliminate all fossil fuels, persuade elementary school kids to choose their genders, excuse college loan debt for those who graduated (and can afford to repay it) and those who dropped out (and who shouldn’t have been in college to begin with), allow hundreds of thousands of illegals walking across the open border to get food, housing, free cell phones, free healthcare, to the detriment of homeless veterans, that will bring Americans together again.

What do you think?

Jon Tucker


Change needed in Philly

I’m so proud of my good friend Aaron Bashir, who has been working very hard to be elected to Congress. Aaron has been gaining more and more support from voters every day in Philadelphia. Aaron is a family man, Christian, a believer in our Constitution who loves this city and country. Aaron will fight for a safer Philadelphia and stronger America.

Crime is out of hand; shootings, carjackings, theft, fentanyl dealing and looting must be stopped and the people committing these crimes must pay severe consequences.

He believes our public schools must teach “universal human values:” You shall not kill, you shall not steal, respect others and respect and have pride in your neighborhood.

Aaron Bashir is also concerned and upset about high gas prices, high grocery prices, inflation, higher utility cost and high taxes. Aaron will focus on American energy production and independence, tax cuts, increase police funding, stop wasteful spending and create more high-paying jobs. He will bring a new common-sense approach to government.

I’m asking voters to give Aaron Bashir a chance to make Philadelphia a safer and happier place to live and work. Aaron is really a very fine man.

Gary Grisafi


More civility, please

It seems that the same names appear in this op-ed page. A lot of time is spent wishing for the past and decrying the state of community, yet those same letters are full of incivility, finger pointing and character assassination. The veneer of civilization has been stripped away until we are left with poison pens instead of solutions.

What happened to grace, kindness and respecting others?

Pam Baranackie

Castor Gardens

Exercise your right to vote

Many years ago, I could not wait to get my learner’s permit to drive and then came the card when I reached the age to drink legally. Lastly was my card to be able to vote. That last one was so very important, as I felt I had a say in who our leaders were to be.

As we Americans were all taught in school almost 70 years ago, that it was such a vital part of our lives as citizens, to vote. Some of my friends recently have said that, “It won’t make a difference” and, “I’m not going to bother.” These are all registered voters, mind you.

It will make a difference.

Read this and please, citizens … vote.

Patti Wirsz


Ban assault weapons 

Assault weapons are an important consideration with children back in school. Look at a wide-eyed child and see your child, grandchild, niece, nephew or any child: Then see this same tender body ripped beyond recognition by an assault weapon – then tell me that assault weapons have a place on our streets. Tell me that companies have a right to manufacture and sell these weapons to anyone who has the money to purchase one.

Unless we take action now, our neighborhoods will become the next Uvalde. Nineteen-year-old teenagers who legally purchased assault weapons have committed these mass shootings. In Pennsylvania, there is an average of a mass shooting every 10 days. Assault weapons belong only on the battlefield.

Sister Vera Sheenan

Medical Mission Sisters

Criminal element

In regard to the two Wawas in Center City closing, it’s a shame it has come to this. The fabric of the city is slowly eroding. Starbucks and Wawas are closing or adjusting their hours because they are being terrorized. These are the stores that we know. How many mom-and-pop and small retail stores have or are close to closing because they can’t get assistance with the criminal element. What’s next, we do all of our shopping outside the city? The powers to be have to take a lot of the blame starting with the riots (not demonstrations) in 2020. It has been anything goes since then. It’s up to them to put this city on the correct course or they will be running a ghost town.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Can’t feed ‘em, don’t breed ‘em

Now that Gov. Wolf has instituted the universal free breakfast program for all PA public and charter school students, one thing has puzzled me. There are public assistance programs that millions of Pennsylvanians receive funds from. What are the parents doing with that money? A box of cereal at Target can be bought for $2.19. A half-gallon of fat-free milk for $2.13. A loaf of bread for $1.49. Granted, there may be certain circumstances such as a parent having to be at work much earlier than the child gets up for school, therefore they cannot give their child breakfast; as well as other extenuating issues. But for the majority, there is no reason a parent can’t give their child something for breakfast before school except laziness and irresponsibility.  If these parents know the state is going to do it, they will have no incentive to feed their own kids. And if some parents really don’t have the intelligence or ability to care for children, they could have thought about that before they hopped in the sack.

To those parents, I say, “If you can’t feed them, don’t breed them.”

Peter DiGiuseppe


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