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Vote for Democrats

Americans rely on Social Security and Medicare for their financial and health well-being. They have been part of our national fabric for decades – providing guaranteed, earned benefits.

But we cannot take them for granted. This election season, Republican candidates are not even hiding their plans if given control of Congress.

National Republican Senatorial Campaign Chair Rick Scott proposes to sunset Medicare and Social Security – ending them: unless Congress acts every 5 years. And that is code for ending  them.

Wisconsin Republican Ron Johnson thinks they should be made discretionary – leaving our benefits at risk at the hands of Republican budget cutters – who would rather cut Social Security and Medicare than make billionaires pay their fair tax share.

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy says Social Security and Medicare earned benefits could be cut – while protecting tax breaks for the richest among us.

Republicans are telling us what they plan to do – we should listen.

Millennials, you may be upset at gas or food prices. They will come down, they always do.

But, think about this: Are you prepared to support your elderly parents once Social Security ends? Are you putting money into a Social Security program through your payroll only to see it disappear? Are you prepared to have no money to live on when you reach retirement? If your answer to any of this is no, then you must vote for Democrats.

Social Security is on the ballot. Women’s rights are on the ballot. Democracy is on the ballot.

Vote blue in ‘22.

Mona Cohen

Fox Chase

The case for Bashir

I, Aaron Bashir, as a servant and representative of people, strongly believe that it is my job and obligation to let my constituents know where I stand on the issues and what solutions I can offer to make their lives better. However, it is obvious my opponent, Brendan Boyle, does not believe the same way since he refuses to respond and is reluctant to debate. I, Aaron Bashir, have publicly expressed my views constantly in NE Times and social media with a clear message that I stand for a safer Philadelphia and stronger America. I am a strong advocate of seniors, people with disabilities, working families and small business owners. I want to be an advocate to improve the quality of life in Philadelphia. As of Oct. 24, there have been 437 homicides in the last 10 months with a skyrocketing rise in carjackings and catalytic converter thefts. Most of our public schools are failing terribly, as we are at the bottom 50% performing schools in PA. Inflation is at a 40-year record high. Also, a boost in real estate taxes is hitting. High gas prices and high grocery prices are making it harder and harder to keep up with bills. Therefore, I am requesting you to please vote for me. Please give me a chance to serve you all as I believe in the servant leadership that I have learned from my Lord, Jesus Christ, who came to serve and give His life for us. Just to be more clear, the real root cause of our problems is that we are continuously deceived by the radical left to abandon God and our Judeo/Christian heritage. However, I believe it is the time that we honor God, love God and obey God as our founding fathers did. Here are a few things with a common-sense approach that I would push for as your future congressman.

I, Aaron Bashir, would advocate for policies to:

1. Go tougher on crimes. Start prosecuting criminals and hold repetitive offenders accountable and put them behind bars, especially drug dealers who are selling the poison of illegal drugs that are killing people every day on our streets.

2. Teach our children in schools: “Thou shall not kill,” “Thou shall not steal,” “Thou shall honor your father and mother” and so on. Teach our children to respect life, property and law.

3. Offer a variety of extracurricular activities to youth in schools in traditional and non-traditional settings to keep them engaged and get them off the streets.

4. Engage faith-based institutions, nonprofits and community leaders to engage youth in various positive programs.

5. Promote trade schools, entrepreneurship and IT-related professions.

6. Stop the illegal drugs and secure our borders.

7. Make America energy independent and bring our jobs back by focusing on reviving our manufacturing.

Therefore, I am requesting your vote and support. Please also spread the word to your family, friends and church members to vote for me.

Aaron Bashir

Vote against toxic politics

To the good people of Pennsylvania, please do not vote for anyone who says the 2020 presidential election was stolen or fraudulent. It was not. Anyone who still says that is either a dupe or evil.

You are either being misled by people you trust, or you know the election was valid but continue to promote the lie for political gain. Those are the people who have created the toxic politics of today. Do your part and vote them out, not only for the good of Pennsylvania but for the nation. Please …

Jim Sweeney

Schererville, Indiana

Mastriano is for the people

Josh Shapiro has been bombarding the media with tons of ads touting his support for the “green economy” and abortion, abortion, abortion. In fact, you’d think everyone in PA was desperate to have one.

The Inquirer is so impressed with him they are talking about a future Shapiro presidency. Are they kidding? Do our media ever ask this guy any hard questions?

Let’s see. The “Green New Deal” is a major driver of high gas prices and inflation. The rush to a green economy is unrealistic — the technology just isn’t ready. Josh should know it’s been a huge mistake to restrict the fossil fuel economy.

Most alarming is that Josh Shapiro ads say little about fighting crime. Why? Josh is the chief law enforcement officer in PA. Yet it’s always … abortion.

Where was Josh when Philly rioters ran wild in the summer of 2020? I don’t recall him lifting a finger to investigate the more than 4,000 PA COVID deaths when seniors were forced back into nursing homes to die. (Media silence here.)

Has Shapiro ever stood up to DA Krasner? Has he ever stood firm against street violence? For Pete’s sake — like, isn’t that — his job? Maybe Josh expects to fail upward.

Doug Mastriano has little ad money to tell his story. He’s a blunt populist whom big business and career politicians do not want. Doug is a 30-year military veteran with a Ph.D. in history. He is not afraid to take hard positions on Philly crime, and sees PA as a major player in fossil fuel production.

Now, if you 70-year-old liberal gals still want an abortion, do not worry. Mastriano’s position is that a governor should not try to impose his personal views on abortion.

Go to Doug4gov.com and see if you like where he stands on the issues. It’s time for a change. I hope you agree.

Richard Iaconelli


Anybody can be a senator

John Fetterman is a prime example for people who claim they can’t succeed in life.

He was educated at some of the best colleges, but you don’t need that education because he didn’t use much of it.

He became mayor of a town of less than 3,000 and ran it so well it is down to about 1,700.

You don’t have to dress to impress or look professional even when you are Lt. Governor of a large state.

Your political ideas can be crazier than that of Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders.

He now wants to become a U.S. senator from Pennsylvania even though he may not be medically capable of the position due to a stroke.

See, if you run as a Democrat, you can be anything.

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

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