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The big fraud

A fraud was just perpetrated on the 5 million-plus voters of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

On Nov. 8, John Fetterman defeated Mehmet Oz 51 to 47 percent to win to become the new Sen.-Elect of Pennsylvania. Before we congratulate the Fetterman campaign the elephant in the room needs to be addressed. What was the effect of having only one televised debate late in the campaign?

Well a look at the election returns shows that Fetterman won 700,000 more mail-in ballots than Oz. Over 1.1 million votes were cast by mail throughout Pennsylvania. The elections officials in Harrisburg have ascertained that the majority of the statewide mail-in ballots were sent in well before the debate in late October. This is not in dispute.

Exit polling on Election Day gave Fetterman roughly a 10-point lead over Oz among voters who mailed in their ballots before the debate, 55 to 45 percent. The same exit polling shows that the voters who waited to vote until after the debate favored Oz over Fetterman, 62 to 38. You can plainly see voters who decided late in the campaign broke overwhelmingly for Dr. Oz. What did the voters see at the debate to change their minds?

The Democratic nominee for Senate was a husk of a man. Not ready for prime time. Not ready to serve in the US Senate. Not even close.

This was not the same person who was presented in commercials that aired non-stop on TV and online throughout the summer and fall.

The Democratic Party perpetrated a massive fraud on the voters of Pennsylvania. They sold you a Rolls Royce but gave you a Pinto instead.

After watching that debate, several things cannot be denied. There can be no denying that Fetterman is not mentally or physically fit to currently serve in the US Senate. There can be no denying that the Fetterman campaign knew this and they deliberately kept their candidate hiding and away from the electorate for as long as they could.  Finally, there can be no denying that our new Sen.-Elect will now not serve his full 6-year term in Washington. This is not in dispute.

You know it. I know it. Gov.-Elect Shapiro also knows it.

With a new Democratic governor taking over in January, Fetterman will be quickly replaced by someone who was not on the ballot in November. Someone who did not have to face the voters for an extensive job interview, like Mehmet Oz did.

No my friends, this was a classic case of bait-and-switch, and the voters are the worse for it. We will soon be given a replacement for Fetterman. Someone who was never vetted or voted on by the people of Pennsylvania.

One of the Fetterman campaign’s most frequent campaign ads was to call Dr. Oz “an absolute fraud.” Sorry Mr. Fetterman, the only big fraud here is you.

John Farley


Pennsylvania’s loss

No need to identify Mike Driscoll as a Democrat in his recent column in the NE Times.

It is obvious. How do you recognize he is a Democrat? He is either lying, or projecting the faults of his fellow party members onto his opposition.

I studied Mastriano. Unlike a lot of people I know, I am willing to take the time to look something up if it perplexes me. I don’t take a report about somebody who happens to be on the side I do not support and accept criticism of him and feel smug that I am in the right. That is what members of the Left do.

It was discussed in an organization I trust that Mastriano is an antisemite, a racist and perhaps has a tyrannical bent. This was not my impression so I decided to do some research.

I found out that Mastriano had used a site because it was the least expensive and he did not know anything about the person who ran the site, who did seem to be an antisemite and who has associations with notorious racists.

Once Mastriano found out and researched it himself, he severed ties and announced that publicly.

There are many public people who are proud to be friends of Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright. They are not asked to condemn anyone’s antisemitism or racism. One of these public people was elected president.

I don’t recall relentless ads proclaiming that he is a racist or that his failure to condemn antisemitism is unacceptable.

Gov.-elect Shapiro ran a disgusting campaign. But that’s OK. “He is only bringing out the truth, see?” His ad campaign was scurrilous.

A simple search on Mastriano’s website lists what he planned for Pa. Every item on his list was something I approve of. And nowhere did I see a word that spelled any inclination to racism or antisemitism. He would have been an outstanding governor.

Then I went to supporters of Mastriano and to his campaign team and I confronted them. Again not a whiff of such evil, no propensity at all. They said they could not support anyone who was the way he has been described and they knew him and supported him readily.

It did not help that the opposition had at least 10 times the money the Mastriano campaign had. We missed out on getting a good governor because lots of dark money was in Shapiro’s hands and he was able to say any filthy lie he wanted in nonstop ads. I am really getting tired of our losing good people this way.

Janet Cantor


Background checks, at least

Why are the Republicans so against sensible gun control like background checks? These are weapons of mass killings. As I said before, I am not against the Second Amendment. l am against these problems.

Rus Slawter


Illegals unsafe in Philly

Shouldn’t the governor of Texas (a Republican) be charged with reckless endangerment for sending the asylum seekers to Washington, D.C., New York, Chicago and now Philadelphia (all Democratic cities).

They have traveled hundreds of miles looking for a safer place.

Everyone knows under Kenney, Krasner and Outlaw, Philadelphia is not safe.

In the old days TV reporters went to the actual crime scene to report their story, now they go to the new police headquarters at Broad and Callowhill and are surrounded by police vehicles.

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

Political stunts

I probably never have agreed with Jimbo Kenney but this time I do. Sending busloads of illegal immigrants to different cities throughout the country is “a cheap political stunt” just like Brandon’s immigration policy is an “expensive political stunt.”

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

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