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Modernize the SBA

I own a small business, SC Staffing & Consulting, here in Philadelphia, and recently, I joined thousands of other small business owners from across the U.S. in an open letter calling on Congress to launch a bipartisan effort to modernize the Small Business Administration to reflect today’s competitive economy. Congress last reauthorized the SBA 22 years ago. That was before our small business operations were revolutionized by the internet, smartphones and the proliferation of online retail. We need an SBA that reflects those changes. We need an SBA that helps us survive and thrive by equipping us with tools to succeed now and in the future – from modernizing entrepreneurial development programs to upgrading outdated technologies to allow expanded online offerings and more efficient communicating with small business owners. The potential upside of reauthorizing the SBA is huge, benefiting our communities here in Philadelphia and others across the country as we navigate a volatile, uncertain, modern economy. Please support small businesses this holiday season by joining me and the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Voices community in calling on our members of Congress to modernize the SBA.

Sue Curran

SC Staffing & Consulting

All talk

In his last campaign ad before the election, state Rep. Kevin Boyle made a promise to “hold elected officials like the DA responsible” for the increase in crime and violence in our city. Just 8 days after being re-elected, Kevin Boyle turned his back on his constituents. Boyle walked out on the state House vote to impeach DA Larry Krasner on Nov. 16, after showing up to be marked present just hours earlier.

Kevin Boyle has represented NE Philly neighborhoods for the last decade, while our city has been at the mercy of a rogue district attorney who acts like a defense attorney. When Kevin Boyle failed to keep his promise to hold the DA responsible, he did so at the risk of losing the lives of even more Philadelphians.

However, Kevin Boyle was not the only local official to turn his back on his constituents. Another state representative from Philadelphia, Democrat Ed Neilson, also ducked out of the state House vote to impeach Larry Krasner. The hypocrisy is astounding. When will elected officials stop playing theater politics and actually serve the needs of their constituents?

Trey Greenwood

Fox Chase

Fetterman is just fine

I can actually understand why one of your readers came to the wrong conclusion about Sen.-elect John Fetterman. I, too, watched the debate between him and Mehmet Oz. I saw what a difficult time Fetterman had in responding quickly and coherently to the questions posed to him.

However, several weeks later I chose to go to a Fetterman rally on Temple campus to see if he had improved any. As a registered nurse and family nurse practitioner, I knew that stroke victims can regain most if not all of their physical and cognitive functioning – given time and treatment.

And sure enough, Lt. Gov. Fetterman gave a very coherent and competent speech for about 20 minutes. Since I was in accordance with most of his campaign promises and I did not support a Trump supporter from another state representing Pennsylvania, I was very comfortable voting for Fetterman.

There was no fraud. And I hope we all learned a lesson to not give up on people who are working to recover from medical problems.

Sylvia Metzler


A civil discussion

In response to Mr. Podgorski and Carl Williams’ posts on Nov. 23, Republicans did not lose. Republicans now have the House. It’s incredible that Mr. Podgorski and Mr. Williams believe they have a mandate from the people. Mail-in voting tipped many races against Republicans. Republicans must learn from this and encourage mail-in voting, too. But I accept the results of the election, which show we are a deeply divided nation. I suggest we resolve this on a grassroots level. Let’s have a face-to-face meeting with all Northeast Times contributors, with civility being the only rule. Please state your response with your next post to the Times. I have some ideas I would like to share with all contributors. I get that this nation was founded on the separation of church and state, but we must install morals and critical thinking in public schools. I recommend classes in stoicism, which is the study of human nature and the management of it. This has been practiced by great Democrats and Republicans and would not interfere with religious or gender beliefs. We should institute education incentives. Students who maintain a 90 average get monetary or college tuition breaks.

The school day needs to be extended covering breakfast, lunch and dinner. More time for education, and lower child care costs for working parents. Catholic and private schools get the same funding as public schools. Social Security stays, and a consumption tax is implemented to control your own taxes through spending. Also, let’s get the money out of politics. Political parties with a large enough base get money from the government to run campaigns. No other sources of money. Send the lobbyists out of government. No senator or congressman may participate in the stock market. Term limits for all.

Tom Anderson

Holme Circle

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