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Loving and learning how to create art

Anna Marie Tumulty and her winning drawing
The Tarken art class
Roger Walsh performed live music.
Halloween-themed art by Anna Marie Tumulty
Anna Marie Tumulty’s self-portrait

Tarken Recreation Center, 6250 Frontenac St., last week hosted an art show to celebrate the work of its adult art class members.

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Among the participants was Anna Marie Tumulty, who won a holiday card decorating contest sponsored by the city Department of Parks and Recreation.

Tumulty’s entry was a sketch of her granddaughter hugging a snowman.

“That was my inspiration,” she said.

Drawings were required to be in black and white, and as a winner, Tumulty was presented with holiday cards featuring her sketch to give to family and friends.

“I’m learning. I have a lot to learn,” Tumulty, a Lawndale resident, said of her artwork. “I really enjoy the sketching.”

The Dec. 20 gathering was festive, with live music by Roger Walsh, food, drinks and artwork displayed on the walls.

The first class ran from January to June, with the second going from September to December. The next class is expected to begin next month.

The recent class met Tuesday nights, and members created a variety of art. On different evenings, they drew something that makes them smile or a self-portrait or a still life or something from an artist they admire or sketch-a-partner.

“We all love it,” Tumulty said. “The people are so nice. It’s a lot of fun. It’s not structured at all, and I think that’s why we like it.” ••

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