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Ring in the new year with Enzo

Enzo is a very sweet 4-year-old boy whose owner is being deployed so he is now at the shelter. He loves playing with balls or rope toys. He’s a go-getter who enjoys long walks and hiking. He is crate/housetrained and hasn’t had a single accident. He’s pretty well behaved on his leash, but sometimes pulls when he gets excited or has to pee. He likes to meet new people but sometimes is a little shy. He’s super affectionate and cuddly, and when he’s excited, he sometimes jumps up on people so he can hug and give them kisses. He was even a registered emotional support animal.

Enzo hasn’t lived with kids or other dogs, but loves playing with dogs his size. He’s a super energetic guy, so he can be a little too much for small dogs /cats/young kids with his jumping and rough play. If he is introduced slowly to a medium or large dog, they might get along.

A video of Enzo playing is at https://www.youtube.com/shorts/gyXQfNqop5g.

He is at Philadelphia’s Animal Care and Control. Email adopt@acctphilly.org. ••

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