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Keep up the great work

By Michelle Lin

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I am a high school senior and a resident of the 202nd district of Pennsylvania. I believe that my representative, Jared Solomon, has demonstrated hard work and dedication to creating a better Northeast Philadelphia.

Education shapes people’s careers and the future of our country, and it is a crucial factor in my life plans. I like that he made it easier for parents to identify quality child care by co-authoring H.B. 1742, which requires all state-licensed child care centers to post their Keystone STARS rating on their websites, entrance and informational enrollment materials. I also appreciate that he helped to distribute backpacks and school supplies to S. Solis-Cohen School and Gilbert Spruance elementary schools for free. He also provided face masks to students of KenCrest Early Learning Center and gave away winter coats to children at Crossan and Ziegler elementary schools. Students deserve to have the resources for quality education, no matter their economic background, and he has certainly taken steps toward that.

I also like that Solomon improved Northeast Philadelphia’s environment. His partnership with WeLoveU has helped to clean thousands of pounds of trash from streets and plant trees, which enhances the appearance of the area and the mood of the people. Not only that, but the trees help to combat climate change, which is one of my most important issues. What we do to lessen climate change will dictate the fate of our planet and all of its residents, and should not be taken lightly. I would be truly grateful if he could continue to support his efforts to reduce climate change in the future.

Jared Solomon has also promoted infrastructure, such as pushing for a grant to the Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association to construct their Carnell Green Playscape and Community Design project. The transformation of a dumping ground into WeLoveU Park, with flowers, trees, benches, lighting and a butterfly sensory path, is exemplary. In addition, he is a supporter of the Roosevelt Boulevard subway, which would improve transit options in Northeast Philadelphia. I regularly use SEPTA to travel to and from my school, and I favor improvements to public transit. The United States relies too heavily on cars and neglects public transportation, which produces more greenhouse gasses, harms air quality, puts a strain on people’s finances and shapes cities to accommodate cars more than people. I look forward to seeing his actions for public transportation in the future. In addition, SEPTA has problems of its own, and it would be great if he could help them address the drug use, litter and violence that occur in SEPTA facilities, as well as the bus driver shortages and equipment failures. On many occasions, my transport has been disrupted due to late arrivals and violence, and it saddens me to see orange needle caps on my way to school. He has done much for the residents of Philadelphia, and I encourage him to continue to do so. ••

Michelle Lin is a student at Masterman High School.

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