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Reap it

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Congratulations, all of you, in the most crime-ridden areas of Philadelphia.

You re-elected a DA who goes out of his way to find or manufacture reasons not to prosecute criminals and puts them back onto the streets. You re-elected a mayor who wishes he wasn’t mayor anymore and has done nothing to make the streets safer for good citizens. He also appointed an inept police commissioner who I’m guessing by now has job applications in at least 100 other cities.

So due to the rising crime and unwillingness of many city officials to even acknowledge there’s a major problem, many businesses have already left or are planning to leave the city. So good luck to the people who may now have to take a 25-minute bus ride just to get milk. You put these people back in office and shot yourselves in the foot. So as the Billy the Kid character said near the end of the Young Guns movie, “Reap it.”

Peter DiGiuseppe


Limit rental increases

In recent months, I learned that senior citizens lack any protections against excessive rent increases even though we live on fixed incomes.

Many readers are likely aware that landlords are not limited in raising rents in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. My landlord has been attempting to double my rent, from $630 to $1,185 monthly.

State Sen. Jimmy Dillon’s office informed me that he and Sen. Amanda M. Cappelletti have taken preliminary steps to shape legislation that will create protections for tenants statewide. Both are Democrats; Dillon represents Northeast Philadelphia and Cappelletti represents portions of Delaware and Montgomery counties.

It is crucial that Republicans vote for legislation that limits rental increases for tenants who cannot afford excessive rents. Senior citizens and other apartment tenants live in districts represented by Republicans, too.

This situation has placed me in a frightening position. My main income combines Social Security and a modest pension. I can deal with a reasonable increase, but not double. I am also squeezed because affordable vacancies are not available and housing agencies have long and unpredictable waiting lists. Rental aid programs may be helpful, but it is unclear if they are sufficient.

Current laws have helped me, but these laws are extremely weak. Rental policies on the city and state levels must be strengthened.

Bruce S. Ticker

Lexington Park

Clean house

The school district is being sued by parents who feel their children were discriminated against by the racist new selection process used for the 2022-23 admissions process to Masterman, Central, etc.

This was known back during the 2021-22 school year during the Hite administration and with the Kenney puppet school board’s approval.

The new superintendent took the reins officially July 1, 2022 almost 2 months before the 2022-2023 school year started.

When charter schools Daroff and Bluford had problems of closing in 2022-23 with hundreds of students, the school district found them seats within a week.

So why is Superintendent Watlington giving all the blame to Hite.

If President Biden can shut off all American oil on day 1 how hard is it to correct the discrimination problem in July or August of 2022?

Now the SDP is holding up the naming of students for 2023-24 because they may be losing that lawsuit and don’t want to utilize that method of ZIP codes that may incur another lawsuit or increase the number of plaintiffs.

The lawsuit will cost the taxpayers without providing any benefit to students’ education.

They should fire the superintendent, clean out Kenney’s puppet school board and the administrators who worked on the discriminatory plan.

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

Give me a break

Are we tired of seeing all the “weight reduction diets” and “join a gym” commercials? But have you missed that Stanford University and University of Southern California are changing their dialogue?

Stanford University will no longer consider people of the United States of America as “Americans.” Yes, by saying “we’re American,” Stanford states that the word “American” insinuates that the United States is the most important country in the Americas. Even though all the other 41 countries of the North, Central and South America people go by Canadians, Mexicans, Costa Ricans, Ecuadorians, Brazilians, Chileans, etc. and not American. Stanford University is taking our nationality from us. Give me a break.

And to outdo Stanford University, the University of Southern California (USC) is banning the word “field” when discussing their work. For example, my “field” of work or study is History. At USC they now say my “practicum” is History. USC said the term may have connotations for descendants of slavery and immigrant workers. We are talking about the word “field” here. Give me a break.

And to top it off, the government is considering a ban on gas stoves as concerns surrounding air pollutants from the appliances, according to reports. There is a photo of Dr. Jill Biden on social media cooking on a gas stove. Now do we remove her from the history books since she did a no-no before she knew it was wrong. Just like Kate Smith’s statue being removed from the Wells Fargo Center in 2019 for singing a song in 1931. Let’s give Kate Smith a break.

PS: I hope I did not offend anyone for using the idiom, “Give me a break.”

Joe Nadolski

Academy Gardens

Truthful news

On several occasions I expressed my concern over the media in our country. What is happening at Twitter is only scratching the surface. I feel confident the same issues exist at Facebook and other major media outlets. Apparently, the FBI is involved as it was with Hillary’s Russian collusion fabrication.

If we idly stand by, this administration will make this disappear. Start writing, calling and emailing, otherwise it will only worsen and we will never again get truthful news. We are being manipulated.

The Brittney Griner debacle is a national disgrace and an international embarrassment. We all know why Biden made the swap. The question in my mind is, do we matter anymore?

Anthony Dello Russo

Fox Chase

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