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On wokeism and the debt

In response to Michael Podgorski’s recent opinion post to Walter Blowitski, I find Michael’s parroting of Gov. Phil Murphy on wokeism amusing. Not a lot of original thought there, Michael. So let me give you three liberal Democrats to explain it to you. Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock and Bill Maher.

Of all the problems this world has, why push the woke agenda. Please give me more than one party to vote for. Michael, as far as debt under Trump, Biden’s number is accurate, about one-fourth of the total debt incurred to date came on Trump’s watch. However, assigning debt to a particular president is tricky because so much of the spending was approved by decades-old bipartisan legislation that set the parameters for Social Security and Medicare. A different calculation shows more debt stemming from former President Obama. A third calculation shows Biden accumulating the most debt.

This is all according to PolitiFact, but I will admit, numbers can be made to fit the way each party wants. To quote Stalin, “It’s not who votes, but who counts the vote.”

Tom Anderson

Holme Circle

Where was John?

I read with interest John Farley’s letter in the March 8 NE Times Opinion section where he expressed his deep concern for East Palestine, Ohio, a “small town of struggling, lower-middle-class, high school-educated … who desperately need a helping hand from Washington.”

Farley asks “Where was Joe?” at least six times. Well Joe was in Northeast Philadelphia on Thursday, March 9 and, perhaps, Farley went to hear him. If Farley did, then he must have heard the multiple ways Joe’s budget will help the “struggling, lower-middle-class, high school-educated” folks from East Palestine.

Since the train derailment back on Feb. 3 there have been several other train accidents. I believe that Joe’s administration along with Congress need to promote train safety. My friend, Jack McSmear, points out that such would be preferable to the record of Trump’s Department of Transportation when many safety rules that were already under development or already adopted were repealed, withdrawn, delayed or put on the back burner. If I had a Twitter account I might reflect about such a record as “Sad!!!”

I expect your March 15 issue will have a letter from John Farley saying he attended the Biden budget speech. I wonder if the proposed safety nets outlined in the proposed budget will address the concerns Farley feels for the residents of East Palestine. If Farley was not there then I can only ask “Where was John?”

Joseph Morris


News flash

Every morning I cringe to hear the local morning news.

Philadelphia residents need to be provided complete news details of any particular critical crime event, such as where, when and what occurred.

The residents need to be able to process this information regardless of its negativity of the crime event.

Several summers ago I had an issue in my neighborhood that I could not get resolved. I contacted numerous news outlets.

I was contacted immediately by Steve Keeley from Fox 29 Good Day Phila. Steve came the next day with a cameraman. Steve interviewed me and it was aired on Good Day Phila.

This is the kind of reporter we need in Philadelphia.

So I regularly watch the Good Day Phila. news to get the complete detailed reporting from Steve Keeley.

I sent Fox 29 programming an email to alert them to the fact that Steve Keeley is an excellent detailed reporter.

I know there are other people out there who appreciate his reporting.

So send an email to Fox 29 and give Steve the positive recognition he deserves. fox29.programming@fox.com.

Anne Watson


Robust funding

As a concerned citizen and supporter of effective foreign policy, I urge our representatives in Congress to prioritize the International Affairs Budget. With global challenges like pandemic response and economic inequality affecting us all, it is crucial that we invest in diplomacy and development to promote peace and stability around the world.

Rep. Brendan Boyle and Sens. Bob Casey and John Fetterman of Pennsylvania have a key role to play in this effort. I call on them to support robust funding for the International Affairs Budget in the upcoming budget negotiations. It is also important for other people concerned about this issue to reach out to our representatives. By doing so, they can help ensure that the United States remains a global leader in promoting democracy, human rights and economic growth.

Garrett Kucowski


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