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Enough is Enough

I read the Letters to the Editor every week. Do we not have anything good to say anymore? Is politics all we can talk about? It gets tiring. Always complaining about this and that. Calling out our neighbors on their opinions that we do not agree on. What happened to telling a good story? All of this complaining, tell me, what is it that you do that makes things better? Is there nothing good going on in life that can be shared? A nice poem, a fundraising event, a positive thing that is going on in your neighborhood. A neighbor who did a nice thing that you want to thank. A kids program that is so awesome that it should be shared. A resource that people in need should know about. These are the things we should be sharing. This is a neighborhood newspaper. That is what we should be talking about.

Life May Not be Fair by David Smith

Life may not be fair,
But we can still choose to treat each other fairly,
Love each other dearly,
And perform acts that are kindly.
If we do these things blindly,
Things will automatically,
Improve exponentially.

Jennifer Baumiester


Afraid of teachers union

Again the handpicked school board rejected all the applications for new charter schools in the city. This shouldn’t be shocking as the school board is picked by Mayor Kenney and is approved by City Council. Because of this process you will probably never see another charter school approved in this city. The main reason being the above politicians depend on the teachers union backing and contributions to their campaigns for reelection. If they put people on the school board who would vote for charter schools, they would lose that backing and money. It’s time for a nonpartisan elected school board that would hopefully give the children of this city a chance at an improved education.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Where is Jim?

Calling all cars …
We have a missing persons report.
Male, known as Jim Kenney, sworn in as mayor.

Disappeared, whereabouts unknown.
If found, do not,
I repeat,
do not bring him back.
Please accompany subject
to the outer limits,
far, far away from the city as possible.
Case closed as DOA, Deadbeat on Arrive.
His crime, negligence and dereliction of duty.
That is all, over and out.
His term in office is over and out, as a failure to govern,
with a big L on his forehead, for Loser.

Al Ulus


Here’s Johnny

Since the train derailment accident in East Palestine, Ohio (on 2/3/2023), Joe Biden has been to Wisconsin, Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, California and Nevada for campaign-style events touting his accomplishments the past 2 years. Biden last visited Ohio in January, to also tout his platform and his upcoming State of the Union speech. Joe though still hasn’t been to Ohio to check out the environmental disaster in East Palestine.

Mr. Biden has promised to visit the train derailment site “at some point.” No firm date, but sometime in the future. When exactly? Only Joe knows.

One of our letter writers last week asked if I attended Mr. Biden’s speech in Northeast Philadelphia on 3/9. Where was John was the question, I believe.

Well, I will tell you where John was. John wasn’t at Biden’s speech because John wasn’t invited by Congressman Boyle and because John was at work supporting his wife and kids. John is also not an elected public official. Joe Biden is.

Mr. Biden and frankly the entire congressional delegation of Pennsylvania and

Ohio should all be in East Palestine, TODAY, to meet with the residents along the Ohio/Pennsylvania border near Pittsburgh, to survey this whole train derailment mess.

In other words, Biden and Congress should do their job, and also go to work. Just like John does and just like millions of other hard-working Americans do each and every day.

We all have priorities, even Joe Biden. It just seems like the president doesn’t give top priority to the people of East Palestine. In fact, Joe doesn’t give a damn, even when he goes out on the road again.

John Farley


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