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Thanks, Jennifer

I have two words in response to Jennifer Baumiester’s “Enough is Enough” Letter to the Editor in the March 22 edition.

Thank you.

Tom Conway

East Torresdale

Thanks, I95 Towing

I want to thank a writer who suggested that it would be great to see positive Letters to the Editor.  With that in mind, there was an accident near our home last fall at the corner of Loretto and Loney. I have no affiliation with this or any towing company in Philly, but I have wanted to thank the true gentlemen who represented I95 Towing on that day. They were incredibly polite and stayed and made sure that all of the debris from the accident was cleaned up. You made Philly and our neighborhood look better. Much appreciated.

Peg Pullan


Assist East Palestine

I was moved by Ms. Baumiester’s letter, of March 22, urging all of us to focus on saying something good. She is right and I’ll follow her advice when responding to Mr. Farley’s letter, also in the March 22 NE Times. Mr. Farley’s deep concern for the welfare of the residents of East Palestine is admirable. His letter disclosed his deep empathy and, I inferred, a sincere desire to assist the residents of East Palestine. Jennifer suggested that we share a fundraising event; and, that is a good way for John Farley to act on his beliefs and assist the residents of East Palestine, without being absent from his job. Below is the link to the GoFundMe page to assist East Palestine residents, a fundraiser initiated by Lauren Boback as Relief for East Palestine after Train Derailment. Might we all contribute to make a difference and assist the people of East Palestine?


Joe Morris


Election was in the bag

I am a registered Democrat and so I get a lot of party junk-mail during election season.

This year, I got two applications for mail-in ballots. One for me, and one for my father. Two little problems. My father has never lived with me. Also, he has been dead for 22 years.

A lot of things have come into focus as I thought of my dad, an often indifferent voter. Democrats have perfected the art of finding the hesitant voter, the ignorant voter or the mentally incapable voter.

In most elections past, less than half the registered voters actually voted in off-year elections, and 65 percent in presidential years.

Democrats are fishing for that 35-50 percent. It’s not about voters any more — it’s about finding names – and linking them to ballots. A big board-game.

There is no chain of custody. No one to say your union rep is leaning on you for that ballot; no one to stop the worker in the nursing home from getting granny to vote — even if she thinks she’s voting for Eisenhower.

In PA, there are many unions who squeeze members. So when Election Day started (before one vote was cast), the Dems were already ahead by 600,000 votes. The election was over before I even voted.

Is this election fraud? Tough call in a courtroom. But it surely is a “rigged” game. The Founding Fathers would never have approved of this. It’s highly unethical.

This is why Biden could campaign from his basement and Shapiro could duck debates. It was in the bag. But we lose greatly when candidates hide from the public and refuse to debate opponents. Did we know Shapiro had embraced the Left policies and even sued the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Our voting is sacred. People died for it. When I vote on Election Day, it is after careful deliberation. I don’t want my vote canceled out by some casual voter, just turning in a ballot with the right markings to please the boss.

Republicans need to use the same tactics to win the next election, and then have the integrity to end this ballot-harvesting scheme.

We need to get back to same-day, in-person voting (with voter ID). It’s worked for 200 years. If you are too lazy or incompetent to do this, you really shouldn’t be voting.

Richard Iaconelli


Dollars a worthwhile sacrifice

My grandparents said that they went to bed in Poland and woke up in Russia. Borders change overnight. In WWII Italy started on the side of Germany but ended up fighting against Germany. There are no permanent alliances, just permanent interests. Eighty years ago Russia was on our side and Germany and Japan were the enemy. Now it is the reverse. Letters to the Editor complain about the expenditures for aid to Israel and Ukraine. Perhaps in time they will realize that in geopolitics the enemy of my enemy is my friend. If we let Ukraine be swallowed by Russia, Poland will be the next domino to fall. Israel is a strong and dependable ally in the vital Middle East. They only ask for weapons not our soldiers. As for Ukraine and Israel, one could say that it is better for the U.S. to sacrifice dollars than daughters and sons.

Mel Flitter


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