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Havoc on roadways

So Isaiah Thomas gave illegal drivers an inch (actually a foot) and the illegal drivers took a yard. His driving while illegal law opened the door for illegal drivers to find new ways to beat the law, thus illegal tags. Who really knows how many of these drivers are without a driver’s license or car insurance. We will never find out because this puts the onus on police to justify the stop. So why bother making the stop. I guess Mr. Thomas will create another law to usurp the state’s authority to regulate automobiles and driver’s licenses. He has created havoc on the roadways. Why should he care? He has a self-insured city car with a driver.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Domb is the leader we need

As a student of politics and as a deeply committed civic activist through many advocacy groups throughout Philadelphia, I can tell you, this election is getting on my last nerve. Our very future as a thriving, fair city is at stake.

I have a very deep concern for the future of Philadelphia and as we approach the May election to decide our next mayor, I feel it is imperative the city chooses someone who has a bold vision and is a proven leader. To me, Allan Domb best fits that description. His community safety plan and pledge to provide quality city services will attract businesses to the city, encourage job and population growth and make Philadelphia economically strong throughout all our communities. Throughout the campaign, he has shown himself as the candidate with the skills, experience and sheer determination necessary to spark a transformation of the city akin to the Rendell era.

It will take way more than a career politician to reverse 3+ years of COVID-induced decline. Allan will have the work ethic and vision to lead our wonderful city to greatness again, and by virtue of his many years as a business leader, city councilman and proud Philadelphian, I trust Allan Domb will work diligently for the city and make empathetic decisions based on what is best for all residents. I know no one who works harder than Allan, through decades of a successful business career and 7.5 years on Council gaining experience on how the city works (and does not work). Please consider voting for Allan Domb for mayor. We must go beyond the same old, same old or we will lose our city forever.

Barbara A. Capozzi

Packer Park

Help the homeless

I understand when Uncle Sam helps other countries in need but don’t understand why he ignores the problems of his own people. In America there should not be anyone homeless. Where are the funds to help them? What part of the American government is working hard to end the homeless situation? Please Uncle Sam, please help these poor Americans.

Nancy Borland


Too many guns

The NRA’S mantra has been that the more people who own guns, the safer our world will be. How is that working out, America? Tragically the opposite is proving to be true. The United States now has a record-breaking 80 million gun owners and we are less safe than ever. It is time to face this awful truth.

Tom Sexton


Crime wave

Summer is fast approaching.

And in Philadelphia, the long-ago Athens of America tragically transformed into the present-day Armpit of America, that can mean only one thing. The carjackings, the various SEPTA-related rapes, muggings and assaults, the random beating of people unconscious on Market Street, the occasional destruction of businesses inside the laughably named Fashion District, the now-ubiquitous pop-up car rallies as well as the always popular and staggeringly mortifying body count is about to explode, skyrocket and be off the charts insane. This is certainly nothing new. But this year seems different somehow. The various thug groups are now more aggressive, more emboldened, more determined than ever before to declare war not just against law enforcement but every citizen who wants nothing more than to live in peace and serenity without constantly being afraid that the wolves will pounce at any moment. Even more tragically, our local incarnation of the Three Stooges (Jim, Dani, Larry) are too morally impotent or just downright scared of these degenerates and so choose to do nothing thereby adding more fuel to the fires feeding these wild beasts and their hell-bent path of chaos, destruction and death.

Bill McDevitt Jr.


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