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Mayoral primary

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The bad news is that Jimbo leaves us with a progressive leftist agenda, i.e., sanctuary city, and police commissioner and school superintendent who are inadequate and not improving public safety or public education.

Our focus is now on replacing him with a responsible person with leadership and management skills that will enhance the city.

I wish everyone running would stop saying, “My No. 1 priority” or, “On day one.” Where’s the plan? Why not articulate the plan?

A reporter asked Cherelle Parker about crime and she said that it wasn’t that serious and in a small area of the city.

Well, it’s a huge problem and everywhere, e.g. South Philly, West and Southwest Philly, Center City, transportation like buses, the El, the subways and in North Philly, Kensington, Oxford Circle, Feltonville, Juniata, Lawncrest, Lawndale, Olney, Germantown, Mayfair, Rhawnhurst, etc. and moving North and East. Wow. What doesn’t she see.

Where’s the plan to improve public education, a system that costs $4 billion with students unable to read, do math, speak, etc. If you doubled the money to 8 billion, it wouldn’t improve anything. Money is not the answer.

There are quality people in the mix like Allan Domb, Rebecca Rhynhart; it’s a shame Derek Green dropped out.

It’s do-or-die time for the city, and there is no Rendell, Street or Nutter to help us. We must move up or become a Baltimore, Detroit or Chicago, which we can’t become.

Michael E. Hartey

Upper Moreland (formerly of Burholme)

Vote for Sabatina

This primary election (and general election in the fall) will feature a contest for Philadelphia Register of Wills. Although this position may sound mundane, it requires a competent and responsible administrator who understands how local government ought to function for the people it serves. Philadelphia is fortunate to have just such a competent, caring and experienced candidate. John Sabatina is an Army veteran and a native local son, who has practiced estate law for 30+ years right here in Rhawnhurst in Northeast Philly, and estate law is exactly the field of law necessary to effectively run the office of the Register of Wills. John is a dedicated public servant who understands that local government is here to serve all Philadelphians and all communities. I know John personally, and if you have the chance to spend a few minutes talking with him, you understand very quickly that he’s a down-to-earth, plain-spoken man. John gets it. He’s not a politician, and he doesn’t put on airs. If there is one thing you learn from practicing estate law, it’s probably how short life can be, and therefore the importance of getting to the point and getting the job done right in the first place. It’s for all these reasons that I’m confidently casting my vote for John this primary election day on May 16 and I hope you’ll join me in supporting John Sabatina for Register of Wills.

Michael A. Podgorski

Fox Chase

Vote for Grisafi

I’m honored and proud to endorse my good friend Gary Grisafi for City Council at large this May 16. Gary worked for me as a constituent service representative while I was your city councilman. Gary has the experience and work ethic on day one to get things done for the residents of Northeast Philadelphia and the entire city.

Gary is a dedicated and competent person who is a business owner, committee person, ward leader, vice president of Burholme Civic and Town Watch, music teacher, construction safety specialist and family man. Gary will get music back into our schools.

I ask Republicans this primary election to vote for Gary Grisafi (button #114) along with the GOP endorsed team: Frank Cristinzio, Drew Murray, Jim Hasher and Mary Jane Kelly.

Al Taubenberger

Former City Councilman

Domb will make the Northeast better

I noticed that Allan Domb was at Delaire Landing recently. And based on the letters to the editor, some of you think all of the candidates are the same. Now things are becoming clear, and only one candidate stands out.

While other candidates take endorsements from Harrisburg or former Philly mayors or New York progressives, Allan Domb is working hard to get endorsements from you, the voters. That sounds like a campaign speech, I know. But think about how endorsements work. Some people ask groups for endorsements, which is why some candidates have so many. What else did they have to do to get other ones? Hire them to the campaign? Do some back-room deals?

Allan Domb is unbought. He doesn’t do any of those shenanigans. He put his money where his mouth is instead of using insider political tricks. He’s not an insider. He worked on City Council to learn how the system works, not to be influenced by it or enrich himself.

And Allan has a campaign office in the Northeast. He’s in your neighborhood. He talks about the potential the Northeast has because he’s here. He’s not ignoring you or just showing up to film a commercial some shady guys paid for. Vote for Allan Domb for mayor on May 16, he’s the only candidate focused on making the Northeast a better place. He’s #38 on the ballot, and #1 in the Northeast.

Jayson Massey


Philly needs Domb as mayor

The Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors serves 3,500 real estate licensees and industry affiliated businesses throughout Philadelphia. As Realtors, we help individuals and families achieve the dream of homeownership. We work with small business owners and entrepreneurs who create jobs and drive the local economy. It’s our responsibility to understand and appreciate the demographics of each neighborhood. Our daily interactions give us a unique and in-depth perspective on the issues impacting the city.

Local elections have consequences and the stakes for the nation’s sixth-largest city could not be higher, as we approach the May 16 primary. The city of Philadelphia is in crisis and we need strong, visionary leadership to chart a new path forward. We must elect leaders who will work with residents, community groups and stakeholders to address critical issues like housing affordability, public safety and economic development.

Allan Domb is a former two-term Philadelphia city councilmember. While on City Council, he consistently advocated for property rights and voted against any bill increasing barriers to affordable homeownership. He was also a strong proponent of collecting delinquent property taxes that fund city services, policing and schools.

Realtors know it’s important to have a safe place to call home. In Philadelphia, we’re experiencing a public safety crisis. In his first 100 days as mayor, Allan Domb will implement a 10-point plan to reduce violence and begin rebuilding our broken public safety system. He is committed to improving our schools. He will expand coursework to include financial literacy, technology, coding, entrepreneurial and internship opportunities. Allan Domb believes today’s investments in education are key to a brighter future for Philadelphia.

Allan Domb is the most prepared to tackle these challenges with a fresh perspective and a coalition of local, state and federal resources and experts. We’ve seen Allan’s leadership in action as a four-time past president of the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors and we know he is the mayor Philadelphia needs right now.

Roderick Walker
President, Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors

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