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Letters to the Editor

Perks for federal workers

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They are already setting the stage for the 2024 election. They moved Social Security and Medicare to the forefront masking all of our other major issues. Great tactic that usually works due to media coverage. This along with his attack on MAGA, which is his way to campaign against Trump. Will we really be stuck with choosing between Biden and Trump? Wish they could put None of the Above on the ballot.

This writing is really about how they moved Social Security to the front when they should first address all the lucrative benefits provided to federal workers, especially our esteemed elected officials. A study should be conducted, and their benefits brought in line with the private sector. Yes, Social Security has financial issues but my guess is the federal defined benefit pension plan is seriously underfunded especially if you factor in the major decline with stocks and bonds.

How do they have the audacity to even consider a curtailment of our benefits in light of the fact that I paid into Social Security for 48 years without first addressing their perks

Anthony Dello Russo

Fox Chase

Al’s rebuttal

I believe I need to clarify myself on the rebuttals I have been getting from my fellow readers on my view of the Ukraine war.

I am not against the innocent civilians who are always the casualties of war.

As always, it’s the leaders and politics that are behind these wars.

And to the people who are still blind to the real reason behind Trump’s Ukraine phone call, let me explain.

Trump made that call to see if aid was needed for Ukraine, only if there was no corruption behind the request. And in doing so, panic ran out in Congress because both Republican and Democrat representatives (I say both because both parties were involved) with investment interest in Ukraine energy company Burisma.

And if people remember when then-Vice President Biden asked a favor from Ukraine’s attorney general to step down from investigating Hunter Biden, who was on the board of Burisma.

Now if that doesn’t smell like corruption, you can come to your own conclusions.

Furthermore, Ukraine, just like Russia, has many billionaire oligarchs, and just recently Ukraine was rocked with corruption scandals and it so happens that along with one of Zelenskyy’s closest friends, they both had a network of offshore accounts.

So if people think I am insensitive to victims of war, then why is no one criticizing why President Biden hasn’t visited Ohio citizens with the toxic train derailment?

Again, instead of our present president walking alongside his buddy Zelenskyy with his visit to Ukraine, he hasn’t stepped one foot in Ohio to care for his own countrymen, but Trump was there.

Al Ulus


Don’t demonize debate

In response to Jennifer Baumiester’s post from March 23, that poem is beautiful, but don’t demonize debate. What we are searching for is truth, truth that can help us make rational decisions. We need to hear other opinions so we can go beyond our initial perceptions. Then we can direct our actions properly.

The truth is more beautiful than any other poem, painting or sculpture. Jennifer, I would like to see you speak out for women’s right to participate in women’s sports. Again, the truth is that Lea is not a woman. What happened to the feminist movement of the ‘60s and ‘70s? What had silenced you?

Now for some time, I only had a perception that China had bought Biden. With recent discoveries of Biden’s bank accounts, perception has become reality and truth. It doesn’t stop with Biden, universities accept vast sums of money and resources with China. Our only hope is to cut our addiction to cheap goods from China and around the world.

The goal should be to sell things here, it has to be manufactured here.

Tom Anderson

Holme Circle

Write something positive?

I’ll write in something positive when I stop hearing sirens at least 3-4 times every night. I’ll write something positive when I stop having police helicopters fly over or near our street at least 2-3 times a week. I’ll write something positive when I can go for a walk in the evening without having to worry about getting robbed by a repeat offender who should not not be on the streets. I’ll write something positive when I can go or come back from somewhere after dark without worrying about being carjacked. And lastly, I’ll write something positive when Philadelphia has a mayor, DA and police commissioner who make it their top priority to allow the police to enforce the law and make sure Philadelphia courts and the DA’s office serve crime victims by permanently keeping criminals from hurting or robbing people robbing or destroying anyone’s property again.

Peter DiGiuseppe


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