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God Bless America and Kate Smith

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I grew up in my grandmother’s happy home with a loving family, a host of crazy angora kittens capable of scarring me for life and one unforgettable extraordinary person, Aunt Annie. My aunt, born with Down syndrome, was a forever 5-year-old, who unlike most adults could down a pot of coffee without suffering the unavoidable side effects from a jolt of caffeine. We grew up together at a

time that seems incomprehensible to this modern age of people and technology. Our days were filled with crayons, coloring books and playing the card game War, along with admiring Aunt Annie’s proud display of her backward writing skills, which we were in no way eager to duplicate. One thing that I will never forget, and that she would have never understood, is the cruel treatment that turned the world against her favorite singer, Kate Smith. Whenever Kate Smith appeared on our black and white TV screen bolting out her rendition of God Bless America, Aunt Annie would jump up from her chair, spread her arms out to the side, airplane wing-style, to accompany her favorite singer in honoring our great country. She sang out with all her heart, not missing a beat, while we

watched in awe, until enthusiastically joining her in the great finale of applause. Such happiness is one of the greatest memories of Aunt Annie that will live forever in my heart. No matter what the opinion of others may be, I will always be grateful for the joy Kate Smith brought to this precious soul. Maybe she wasn’t so bad after all. God Bless America.

Maria D’aponte

South Philadelphia

Update your resume

As new graduates enter the job market, it’s an excellent opportunity for all working-age Americans to take a close look at their own job skills and prepare an updated resume. A resume brings attention to a job seeker’s accomplishments and possibilities and provides important contact information.

Restoring industries in America to compete with global products is not going to happen overnight, so it’s important to always be prepared for a job opportunity that could occur at a moment’s notice. As employers look to expand their businesses in the United States of America, they need to know that many levels of qualified people are ready and able to fill positions in a timely manner.

Being prepared with an updated resume is more important than ever.

A written resume can be forwarded to an employer, or be available when attending a job fair or interview.

Many business owners and investors are being told that outsourcing manufacturing and other related jobs is an easier way to remain in business and make a better profit. In today’s fast-moving world, employers who are interested in expanding or rebuilding industries in the United States need to be reassured that prospective employees are ready and able to work for them.

Whether you are preparing to go to a job fair, post your resume online or personally present your resume directly to businesses close to where you live, consider how much better it is for an employer to review a well-presented resume that outlines your accomplishments and possibilities. As we continue to promote no less than a 50% balance of everything sold in America being made in America, all working-age and able-bodied Americans are urged to be prepared for all job opportunities.

Your participation is appreciated and your suggestions are always welcome. Email them to Michael@AmericanWorkersRadio.com.

Michael Blichasz

American Workers Radio, 860 AM

Ukraine fighting a big battle

In his otherwise well-written letter (“Wake up from wokeness”) in the June 21 issue, Richard Iaconelli asks: “Tell me, why are we fighting in Ukraine?”

It is Ukraine that is doing the fighting, not the U.S. It is Russia that crossed the line with Putin’s often-repeated (and often-ignored in the West) dream of restoring the “Evil Empire” (as Reagan correctly described the USSR). And the Russian excuse of NATO expansion is a lie. In fact, all the new NATO members rushed to join the alliance precisely because of the danger of Russian aggression (that is why NATO was created in the first place).

Ukrainians are fighting the Russian invaders in order to stop Moscow’s imperialistic plans toward Europe. In effect, Ukrainians are fighting Europe’s battle. All they ask from the West is weapons to defend themselves. If we let Russia win, Putin will not stop with Ukraine, and that may force the U.S. to get involved, just like we did in WWII.

Leo Iwaskiw


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