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Instruction from scripture

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“Do not stand by while your neighbor bleeds.” Leviticus 19:16. More than 100 children have been shot in Philadelphia this year. Children make up nearly 12 percent of our city’s shooting victims this year, an increase from 2021 and 2022. Children are dependent on adults for their safety and these statistics show that we are not taking on this responsibility. Countless numbers of other children live in a state of depression and fear as so many of us stand by watching them robbed of their childhood. There is a wide range of things each person who is reading this letter can do in their own way to confront this recurring tragedy: Initiate conversations on this topic with family and friends to raise individual and collective awareness, support inner-city recreation programs, elect politicians who will vote for sensible gun reform, Google gun violence-prevention organizations and suicide prevention. If enough refuse to stand by, change will occur. Use your imagination and act now.

Tom Sexton


Kenney a Democratic hack

When the going gets tough, Kenney gets a runnin’. Kenney abdicated his throne before his re-election when he refused to debate. He has continued to live in his hole, coming out only to give canned comments and speeches, then he scurries back in. He ran on his father’s union affiliation because he had nothing to offer for himself. So we shouldn’t be shocked that the spineless mayor wants out. This is another case of the voters having no choice other than a weak, lumpy Democratic hack.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Get rid of Joe

Let’s get rid of gas cars.

Let’s get rid of gas stoves.

Let’s get rid of washing machines.

Let’s get rid of cows.

Let’s get rid of coal.

Let’s get rid of the Keystone pipeline.

One solution for all of the above.

Let’s get rid of Biden.

Al Ulus


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