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A world gone wrong

Liberty, according to the dictionary, means freedom. The freedom to park your car in front of your home. The freedom to shop at a mall. The freedom to attend a school, college and go to a church. Much of this freedom has been taken away. Due to persons who steal cars or take parts from cars. Also, shootings that have taken place more and more within schools, and outside and inside malls. All of this makes people afraid to even go out. What has happened to liberty? What has happened to individual safety? What has happened to the person who commits such crimes? Where has the world and society gone wrong?

Marie Patton

Fox Chase

Glory to Ukraine

I read Mr. Al Ulus’s explanation of his views on the war on Ukraine. Al, it is not hard for people to take a minute and fact check what you are writing about. President Trump was impeached for that “perfect” phone call. That phone call was buried so deep no one could report on it. The only reason it came to light was because of a whistleblower. The reports and investigations conducted on it totally rebut your story line. In fact, President Trump was withholding money unless they investigated Biden. A timeline of the ordeal is given by Wikipedia. There are lots of references given to do a deeper dive on it.

The Ukrainian prosecutor did an audit on the investigations and found nothing to report on Hunter Biden’s activities. In fact, he said he was not pressured at all during this audit. Just to let you know, Al, a half-truth is a lie.

Slava Ukraine!

Mark S. Chalupa

Pennypack East

Personal responsibility, please

Every day I see TV reports of failing and violent schools and shootings in the streets. This has become the new normal.

Pre-teens are firing automatic weapons leaving bodies and dozens of shell casings in the streets. I wonder, with all the claims of hunger and poverty, where do these kids get the money for guns and bullets?

Single mothers are often used as an excuse for crimes. Where are the fathers? Most single mothers raise their children to obey the law and take advantage of the free educational opportunities available to them.

Who is to blame for the deaths of 12 people including 8 children who died in a house fire last year. The news media claimed that when the Philadelphia Housing Authority had recently inspected the home there were working smoke detectors. Someone had removed the batteries from the smoke detectors. They were provided for free by the city and installed by the Fire Department at no charge. Investigations concluded that the fire was started when a 5-year-old used a lighter on a Christmas tree. Where was the adult supervision and why was a lighter left where a child could get to it during the night?

Here is my challenge to those complaining all the time. Imagine that you were the mayor, police chief, district attorney or even the president of the United States. If you were able, what would you do differently to address the decay in our society?

Years ago I asked a student to stop yelling across the room to a friend. He angrily shouted, “I know you not talking to me.” He apparently believed that he was not doing anything wrong and he could do as he pleased whenever he wished. So there it is. The values in our society are warped. Until there are enforced consequences for lack of personal responsibility we cannot expect better results.

Mel Flitter


Is Joe capable?

There are big differences with this campaign than Biden’s first. No. 1 is that we will have had 4 years of his policies. The way things are looking we have another 2 years of 5% inflation and possibly looking at a recession. He will be four years older and starting his new term at 82. His people have been hiding him since day one of the first campaign (as they are doing with Fetterman now) and his capabilities are dwindling as we move on. He hasn’t had a question-and-answer session in months. I don’t think people will put up with him campaigning from his basement answering canned questions. Probably one of his biggest drawbacks is his vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris. Her asset in the first campaign was that she was a black female. Now that we have seen how incapable she is she could be a daunting weight on his campaign. Looking at Biden, you have to question whether she would be able to run this country if he died or was disabled. This is especially so since they have been hiding her, too. In 2020 he won based on the not-Trump agenda and recently released shenanigans of the 51 spies and continued badgering of Trump with unfounded allegations. The road will be a little tougher considering if he faces the public, his capabilities will come into question. If he doesn’t face the public, they will also question his capabilities.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

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