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Consumer loses in Bidenomics

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Before we jump through hoops over Bidenomics and the June inflation figure of 3%, let’s look at the figures. Supposedly the basis for the decrease to 3% is lower food and gas prices. The core inflation index that includes gas and food prices and affects the average Joe is 4.8%. They say gas prices have dropped from $5 to about $3.60 a gallon, conveniently forgetting it was $2.39 a gallon the day before Biden took office. So is that a decrease or an increase? The liberal media will call it a decrease while the consumer will call it an increase. The other problem with looking at the inflation rate today is the damage has been done. Besides the gas prices, the food prices and package shrinkage is going crazy. Potato chips that were $2.99 for 12 ounces are now $4.99 and 7½ ounces. A loaf of bread that was $1.99 is now $3.99. You will never see products at the prices or sizes they were in January 2021 ever again. They can take the percentages and stick ’em just like they stuck it to the American consumer.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Biden’s State of Disillusion

Forget inflation.

Forget high gas prices.

Forget open and unsecured borders.

There’s nothing more important to our state of the union than those pesky hotel resort fees and airline charges.

That was Biden’s extreme urgency to address the nation about, to crack down on resort fees, and he vows to take tough action to make it a law.

It’s not about the hardships families are facing in Biden’s economy.

It’s not about cracking down on open borders, or on criminals and fentanyl trafficking.

It’s not about world domination of Chinese goods over American-made.

It’s not about being tough on allowing America to drill to make us energy independent.

No, it’s about the high price of surcharge taxes on high-end resorts for the rich.

People can’t afford to heat their homes, buy food, let alone travel to resorts.

Maybe it’s another perk to Biden’s wealthy constituents in Congress so they can stay in those ritzy getaways, while the rest of us get pinched at the pumps and grocery stores.

Al Ulus


Stay classy

One of the very few things that gives me pleasure in a long, frustrating week is reading my fellow neighbors exchanging various viewpoints in the Northeast Times.

However, it has gotten much less enjoyable for me recently. Why?

Because, I have been struck at how over the last year the published letters have gotten so much nastier and much more personal in tone and spirit. Letters writers calling out Northeast taxpayers by name, people calling out their fellow readers for differing opinions and letter writers having to give a rebuttal to defend their thoughts and clear their good name. Very sad behavior that is not helpful or uplifts public discussion.

I find it fine, proper and amusing that we call out politicians, celebrities and athletes.

People who choose the public life have to know that criticism and sarcasm aimed at them comes with the power and money that public notoriety brings. This is proper and deserved.

Our fellow readers are not famous, not rich, not powerful. They are raising their own families and paying their own taxes. They care about Philadelphia and the United States. It takes courage to put your name out there and write a published letter for all to see, rather than hide behind a computer screen on social media platforms like Twitter.

This courage is to be admired, not ridiculed.

Calling out non-famous people by name is not proper nor deserved. We can passionately disagree with each other without mentioning names and questioning motives. Let’s embrace debate, not hate.

Washington D.C., Harrisburg and Philadelphia City Hall are all already dysfunctional, so let’s not add to the dysfunction. Letter writers to this wonderful publication can stay “snarky” and have biting criticism, but let’s take aim at the people who cause the problems in our society, not each other. Let’s call a truce to this very “uncivil war.”

Abraham Lincoln once said, ” … With malice towards none; with charity for all.”

Me? I prefer the fictitious Ron Burgundy. To paraphrase Ron, “… You stay classy Northeast Philadelphia.”

John Farley


What’s next, Mr. President, nuclear weapons?

Knowing the dangers in dropping cluster bombs, I am shocked that the president agreed to supply Ukraine with them after he had our UN Ambassador publicly condemn them. Especially as many UN nations have banned such weaponry. Cluster bombs can saturate an area the size of several football fields with its shrapnel hitting nearby buildings and innocent people. They pose an ongoing threat after being dropped by leaving unexploded remnants that ultimately become landmines, fatal to innocent people for years to come. What next will President Biden approve, nuclear weapons?

Matt Drozd

Retired lieutenant colonel

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