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Perfect phone call

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In response to Mark S. Chalupa’s letter on July 12, the phone call was perfect. Trump didn’t ask for lies or pay for lies like Hillary, he asked for the truth. Mr. Chalupa, don’t you want to know the truth, no matter where or how it was found? I do. And it isn’t up to the FBI, DOJ or Big Tech to hide it from us.

Tom Anderson

Holme Circle

Go back in your hole, Jimbo

“Philadelphia will greet our newly arrived neighbors with dignity and respect” is another fine quote from the illustrious mayor of the city, Jimbo Kenney. It would be nice if he did the same for the citizens of the city. He comes out of his hole to greet illegal migrants but he is nowhere to be found in a dilemma. He acts like he’s paying the upkeep of these migrants. No. That’s left to the people of Philadelphia. We will eventually have to pay the medical and educational needs of this. If this is the best Kenney can do, he can crawl back into his hole.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

A new vaccine

I wonder if the many letter writers who continue to bash Donald Trump ever reflect upon their views.

Anti-Trump hysteria is puzzling. Mr. Trump holds little interest for me — except that as president, he had very good policies. He made my life easier and my bank account fuller.

Not so long ago, letters bashed him here over supposed “classified” files that were taken under a dramatic police action at his home, Mar-A-Lago.

Now we find that President Biden had classified files at many sites — including stashed in his Delaware garage. A garage? Maybe next we’ll find some at Fred Sanford’s junk yard.

When Biden took the files he was a vice president. Only a president can declassify these files. A VP would be subject to serious charges under the Federal Records Act. He certainly would be forbidden from holding any federal office.

It gets worse. It seems Biden created an office through the University of Pennsylvania to create do-little jobs for his circle of political friends. The U of P has gotten tens of millions of dollars from China since Biden’s professorship was created.

This is a real scandal. Not the many (excuse me) “Trumped-Up” charges against the former president.

Will any of these writers do a mea culpa?

It’s a shame Dr. Fauci retired. Maybe he could have come up with a vaccine for “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Richard Iaconelli


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