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Speed cameras a racket

Pennsylvania is on a course to loot every driver with speed cameras. Drivers need to put an end to this automated enforcement-for-profit racket.

This article, Governing as Looting in Washington and Beyond, by James Bovard details what is happening nationwide and exposes the fraud that Harrisburg is trying to put over on drivers.

From the article: “Few things epitomize ‘governing as looting’ like the automated traffic ticket cameras that hundreds of local governments have inflicted on drivers across the nation.”

“Ticket cameras epitomize how democracy provides no protection against politicians willing to force citizens to pay any price to boost government revenue.”

“The depredations of automatic ticket enforcement presume that government revenue is a magic wand that solves all problems.”

“Automatic ticketing regimes provide a stark refutation to the illusion that governments automatically serve the people. Especially for policies shrouded in sanctimony, government agencies are almost always more wasteful or oppressive than the media portrays. How much longer will local politicians be permitted to plunder drivers and subvert safety with impunity?”


Tell your representative and senator to vote NO on Automated Speed Trap Bills HB 1284 and SB 748.

Tom McCarey


Northeast ignored

So, the powers to be finally decided the Northeast needed more health centers. This decision is not because the taxpayers needed them. It’s because there has been an influx of refugees and immigrants. When the Northeast taxpayer needs facilities and assistance, the usual answer is we don’t even know where you are located. When the politicians showed up for the 95 fiasco photos, most of them needed a road map, but say “immigrant” and “refugee,” and the politicians jump on that bus. The Northeast has needed health facilities for decades and it has been ignored.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Return to Trump energy policies

I went to the store yesterday. Six dollars for a box of cereal; two dollars for one sweet onion. Many seniors are seeing their life savings evaporate, and wonder if they can even keep their homes.

It’s long been said that “inflation is the cruelest tax.” Young people can no longer buy houses, and just wait until you finance a new car. Banks are struggling under old, low-interest loans. Small businesses wither.

If Trump were still president, the media would be in daily hysteria over the price of everything. They hide the fact that the working class is unraveling under Biden. Something powerful must be done – now.

A solid first step is to return to the Trump energy policies. Forget the “Green New Deal” — or we’ll soon be eating our green new lawns.

What would Trump’s $2.20 a gallon gasoline do? Make it cheaper to drive your car; make it cheaper to grow and transport food; cheaper to transport all products to stores.

Trump policy would lower energy costs to all manufacturers. This would make it easier to restrain price increases — and if we have any presidential leadership — jawbone industry to lower some prices.

Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, we can change this inflation spiral. Tell your representatives we need to go back to Trump energy policies. Before grandma and grandpa go to the poorhouse.

Richard Iaconelli


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