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Fear and smear

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Northeast Times occasionally publishes letters that attack programs for speed cameras. One of these letters was printed May 25, 2022, by the same writer as last week. The arguments in these letters are bogus. Overwhelmingly the research shows that speed cameras work efficiently to reduce accidents.

These letters make exaggerated claims about corruption. Speed camera programs are supposed to be rackets to profit off the public. If programs anywhere are corrupt, they need to be fixed. But the letters promote fear and distrust. Fear and smear are what people like Tucker Carlson live off.

In addition to our private lives, citizens have the right and responsibility to govern their nation. We need to look out for incompetence or abuse. But fear and smear are not the path to functioning, honest government.

Harry Thorn


Slow down

In regard to the Aug. 2 letter, Speed cameras a racket, finally after 100 years of paying our police to chase traffic violators, technology has found a way to penalize people for breaking traffic laws without chasing them through the streets and endangering the general public.

It seems that the people who drive past stopped school buses, speed through work zones and ignore speed limits demand that they want to spend their hard-earned money supporting these speed cameras. If they would obey the laws, the fees supporting the cameras would dry up and it would not be a profitable industry. Just saying.

Murray Miller


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