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Fox Chase family wins $5,000 in Wildwood treasure hunt

John, Lindsay, Jack and Natalie Kolla, along with Bill Bumbernick.

The Surfing Pig, creator and sponsor of “The Wildwoods Greatest Treasure Hunt 2023,” last week presented a $5,000 check to the Kolla family, of Fox Chase, for finding the key in July’s scavenger hunt.

The Surfing Pig is a restaurant at 231 W. 10th Ave. in North Wildwood, New Jersey that has organized scavenger hunts in June and July and is in the midst of a third one this month.

The treasure hunt leads participants in search of a key that unlocks $5,000 kept safely at the restaurant. Participants are given clues as to the location of the key, which is hidden in Wildwood Crest, Wildwood or North Wildwood. Clues are released via the Surfing Pig’s social media accounts starting at noon the first Friday of each month. Clues are released weekly (or more frequently at the discretion of the Surfing Pig) until the key is found and the finder follows instruction to claim their prize at the Surfing Pig. In addition, each Thursday, people can attend happy hour at the Surfing Pig to gain a treasure hunt advantage that will allow them to receive the weekly clue via email three hours ahead of social media posts.

The Kolla family (dad John, mom Lindsay, Jack, 7, and Natalie, 5) spent two days searching for the key that would open the treasure chest at the Surfing Pig and win them $5,000. The key was discovered in a statue at the Crest Arts Pavilion by Jack, who was just the right size to weave in and around the statue and ultimately locate the key.

After Surfing Pig owner Bill Bumbernick presented the Kollas with their money, they announced they will use their winnings to take a family vacation to Disney World next summer. ••

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