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Buy American

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Labor Day is another opportunity for us to highlight our efforts and thank supporters of the Buy American Made and Support American Workers Campaigns. American Workers need all of us promoting all levels of jobs in the United States of America. Our goal is to return America to the place where a competitive product of every type is made by American workers.

Back in 1882, when the first Labor Day holiday was celebrated in New York City, they celebrated the workmanship and growing accomplishments of American workers, union and non-union, employed by businesses, large and small, and the self-employed. In 1882, America had full employment and in order to keep up with the demand for American-made products, the United States and businesses in the United States welcomed immigrants from around the world to come and live and work in America.

Today, America has a growing population and we need to focus on American workers so we can create millions of additional full- and part-time jobs each year. It’s up to America’s consumers to create a demand for American-made products so that working-age and able-bodied people have the job opportunities they need to support themselves, pay their bills and have the ability to create a demand for American-made products and services.

Thanks for supporting the Buy American Made Campaign and be sure to support the stores and internet sites offering American-made products.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Email them to Michael@AmericanWorkersRadio.com.

Michael Blichasz

American Workers Radio, 860 AM

Blame game

It’s getting a little tiring listening to Move and their accusations. Where is their culpability? It wasn’t like they were lying on the beach having a picnic. They created a war-zone atmosphere and actually killed a policeman (James Ramp) 7 years earlier. When do they accept responsibility for their involvement in the battle and putting the children in harm’s way? They could have released them to safety at any time. They have to accept 50% of the responsibility because if it weren’t for them, the police wouldn’t have been on site and there wouldn’t have been a fire.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Speed cameras don’t reduce accidents

To Harry Thorn in Mayfair, you say, “Overwhelmingly the research shows that speed cameras work efficiently to reduce accidents.” Where is that research? Speed cameras do not reduce accidents, speed cameras can only take pictures. If you mean the information released by the PPA saying the cameras are making the Boulevard safer, the PA Legislature made camera data top secret so no unbiased, third party with no economic ties to the cameras can review the data to see if the cameras truly make the Boulevard safer. Do you believe what the PPA tells us? Given its past, I don’t.

The Boulevard could be made far safer tomorrow, and for free, by synchronizing the traffic lights to 45 mph. That would end speeding and red light running. But there is no money for government in that, so they won’t do it. The Boulevard is being kept dangerous for the camera ticket profits. If I lived in Mayfair, I would be pretty steamed.

Tom McCarey


Dump Trump

Always the blame game from the closet Republican Al Ulus and Richard Iaconelli and Donofry. He complains as if Biden is as corrupt as Trump. Gas prices are global, not just here in the U.S. But most Trump supporters will still be able to gas up their big trucks and SUVs, enjoy summer vacation homes, private schools, exclusive country golf clubs and bank investments while their workers struggle to pay mortgage or rent. They won’t care to help the current president raise the state’s minimum wage or partially forgive student bank loans. Such is the lie-and-deny greedy behavior of the GOP. Remember the Tara Reade stunt the Repubs tried to pull before the 2020 election? They can’t beat Joe Biden at the polls so they are still trying anything they think will stick to hurt him/family and his character. Cocaine in the WH? Anything associated with Trump is usually corrupt and suspect. Btw: Didn’t his son-in-law Jared Kushner while working in the White House get $2 billion from the corrupt Saudis? Why are the Republicans so silent about it? Think over it. Now all of a sudden our national security is not a big deal for them? Remember when the GOP all were chanting, “Lock her up” over suspicion but no facts? Special counsel Jack (the Bounty Hunter) Smith has a lot of facts. Anyone with smarts knew that Trump was not fit and was wayward all along. Only those who are greedy, selfish, negative, wrong, radical, liars and hypocrites would support the Con Don. Look at all his associates who were convicted or went to jail. He hires crooked lawyers, judges on the take and cheating tax accountants. He pays off others to look the other way. Trump has more “law suits” than most businessmen can wear (sarcastic). You are the company you keep. And he hung out with some of the crooked elite, those who the FBI would investigate. That’s why he’s so anti-government because they go after criminals. Bring morality and decency back to America. Many on the “right” complain about “inflation, economy and gas prices.” They seem to find the money to send to this Con or any wayward person they try to defend and justify their wrongdoings. So Al and Richards, stop making excuses to defend this pretender. Dump Trump.

Carl Williams


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