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Shock, prayer and memorial

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Giant towers ensconced, graced by nature’s clear blue sky, suddenly shook without warning, then imploded, crumbled and cried. Poisonous rolling clouds thundering down crowded Manhattan streets, unimaginable shocking visuals witnessing dark thoughts of defeat.

Alas! my God in Heaven, I do not wish to believe this ruination and carnage of Your humanity.  Still! I cannot turn away, please tell me it’s not real, this sight that keeps repeating, this evil that I feel. When will I heal, sweet Jesus? My life’s not the same. All these nightmares and panic attacks, anxiety fraught with pain.

We come here each September where once reigned the depths of hell, calling out the innocents and tolling the remembrance bell. No matter the distant future whatever it may have in store, let us never forget that horrific day, the attack on our homeland shore.

Thomas Wetten Sr.

Modena Park

Trust between horse and driver

Ms. White is 100% incorrect in her assessment of horses drawing carriages in Philadelphia (An end to horse-drawn carriages?).

They are not “depressed” or “tired.”

They are blue-collar-type workers. Put your body into the job and get it done.

Ms. White’s knowledge, or lack of, is evident in the article.

If she thinks a horse with its head and tail up is “relaxed,” she has no clue.

Much energy is used to keep that alert position.

A working horse is relaxed, head down, ears tilted sideways, only expending energy when necessary.

A working horse trusts its driver and the driver trusts its horse. There is no fear.

What you are seeing is harmony in the workplace. How many of us wish our workplace was so stressless?

How about a follow-up article from the horse and driver’s point of view? You know, “balanced reporting.”

Susan Data-Samtak

Bedminster, New Jersey

Help needed from Boyle

This letter is written in reply to Reginald Mapp’s letter published Aug. 23, “Changes needed in Medicaid.”

I agree that Pennsylvania’s Community Health Choices program, particularly that segment managed by Independence Blue Cross for-profit subsidiary Keystone First, is failing.

However, I disagree that contacting HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra is the best way to remedy this dire situation.

I grew up in “coal country” before moving to Northeast Philadelphia for greater opportunity. My congressman in Luzerne County was the legendary Dan Flood. Many may remember Flood as a leader, both in Washington and his home district.

Anyone with access to a television knows Brendan Boyle, our member of Congress, is a leader in Washington. It’s time for him to lead here in Northeast Philadelphia.

Medicaid is funded in large part by the federal government. Tens of thousands of PA-2 residents depend on the program for healthcare. The program is failing in our community.

I believe Mr. Boyle is an attentive reader of this newspaper. I respectfully request he exhibit the sort of leadership he is capable of by addressing this crisis.

James Cunningham


School options needed

Someone might tell Jerry Jordan that public schools are already dismantled. Matter of fact, they look like they have been hit by a nuclear bomb and his union lit the fuse. Maybe if he would read the vouchers bill instead of making inflammatory statements, he would see that it is a separate fund and it doesn’t affect public school funding. He thinks the public schools are entitled to every dime so they can waste it.

Hopefully, Shapiro doesn’t pull the Biden move again by promising something and then backing out after he is elected, which he did the first time.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

A good man

The 46th president, Joe Biden, was elected vice president in 2008 and served for eight years for President Obama. No one on the Republican side made any issue or slandered his character during that time of years. The majority in the GOP admired him for his many years of public service and respectfully looked at him as a close colleague regardless of his (D) affiliation. Now all of a sudden when Trump runs in 2020 the false attacks and negative history about Biden begin surfacing and because the Republicans needed a new target to find a way to derail this Delaware train from reaching the White House. Remember as a senior senator, Joe Biden was beloved by many. No attacks on his family, was called “as good a man as God ever created” by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R, of South Carolina and most consoled him through his family tragedies. So why the campaign attacks on his character since 2020? Because that’s Trump’s M.O. To make you look like a crook or criminal equal to him in the eyes of the public so voters think “the lesser of 2 evils.” Well “we know Joe,” the one Lindsey described earlier. And we also know Trump, the con who will say and do anything just to get a win and have an advantage regardless. So avoid the smoke and mirrors and the untruths, and don’t fall into the “fox” trap. Think over it.

Carl Wiliams


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