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Constitution Day

“We the People” are the most famous words of the preamble to our nation’s Constitution.
Now that we have celebrated the Fourth of July, it’s time to acknowledge the second-most important date of America’s prominence, Constitution Day on Sept. 17.
The Fourth is a celebration of the values and principles upon which the United States was founded, but it’s our Constitution that sets those principles into place.
Little is known about Constitution Day, and it’s certainly the least celebrated.
It’s come a long way as the vanguard for our liberty and rights, but how does it stand in today’s political environment?
Did we form a more perfect union?
Establish justice and insure domestic tranquility?
Provide for the common defense?
I would say no to all three under Biden’s watch and present my own declaration of grievances to those questions.
Where’s the justice when Biden’s son gets preferential treatment to overturn gun charges and tax evasion? Where’s the justice when the DOJ deliberately squashed the Hunter laptop investigation during the 2020 presidential race to hinder evidence against Joe Biden?
Where’s the justice when the DOJ was empowered to take down President Trump by setting up a fake Russian collusion hoax to get rid of a political opponent?
Where’s insuring domestic tranquility when Biden addresses black graduates at Howard University and makes a bizarre statement that “the most dangerous threat to our homeland is white supremacy?”
That crude comment made by Biden is the most dangerous threat to our nation, words spoken to incite violence not unity, and certainly not tranquility on a day that was meant to be a joyous occasion to celebrate a graduation.
Where’s the right to free speech under the Bill of Rights when Biden implemented the Disinformation Governance Board to police and censor any speech that did not align with his agenda, and got the backing of big tech social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook, to suppress conservative viewpoints?
Where’s the threat to our national security, not white supremacy, Mr. Biden, when your administration ignores the security of our nation by allowing open borders to 6 million migrants, among them violent criminals, gang members, drug cartels and known terrorists?
“We the People” affirms that our government exists to serve its citizens, but does it really?
No wonder Constitution Day is rarely celebrated and so overlooked.

Al Ulus


Good riddance

When the word leadership is used, the name Outlaw certainly doesn’t come to mind. It’s a shame she had all the dilemmas in the past three years because it covered up any chance of us seeing how really incompetent she really is. When the statement “lead from behind” comes up to people, she and the incompetent James Kenney come to mind. She has found the perfect job. The Port Authority is probably one of the most mismanaged organizations on the earth. Here she had to hide. There she can be incompetent in plain sight and no one would even care. Her indecisiveness created many of her problems. Her weakness in leadership let the George Floyd riots get out of hand. When the officers on the ground had problems to solve, her indecision made the situation worse and the officers on the scene were blamed. Can you say morale problem. How about retirement. Gee, the murder rate is starting to fall? Wonderful, we are still on pace for 509 murders. How do you brag about that? The streets of Beirut are probably safer. I wish her well in her do-nothing job as she was way above her Peter principle here.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Vote to protect freedom

On June 17, 1972, President Nixon covered up a break-in of the Democratic headquarters located in the Watergate complex. There were impeachment hearings for his misdeed. Some 49 years later, on Jan. 6, 2021, President Trump invoked a riot on the Capitol, which involved hundreds of people. Some of these people have been fired from their jobs, and others are serving time in jail. To think recently, Trump had a mugshot done. Vote we must, in order to keep our freedom, by moving forward, but not to move backward.

Marie Patton

Fox Chase

Think before voting

The GOP debate was a joke. They know Trump wants to be a dictator and if gets in, they know he will destroy their careers. He wants to get rid of the FBI, which helped him win in 2016. Plus, the Department of Justice, so he will be the only law. His good buddy Putin, after he attacked a free Ukraine, he called him a genius. He wants his people to salute him like they do Kim Jong Un in North Korea. The man is very dangerous. Is Joe Biden perfect? Of course not, but unlike Trump, he is for our people and our unions. Please, people, think about all of the above facts and vote for our country.

Rus Slawter


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