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Jobs for Americans first

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As the Buy American Made Campaign focuses on Jobs for Americans first, our positive message continues to unite people all over the United States.

Americans agree that with all the new products being invented on a regular basis, there are endless opportunities to manufacture products in the United States that would expand the need for new quality jobs and job skills.

We all know that the global market is here to stay and that American workers must be a growing part of the global economy. In order for more companies to grow their product lines in the United States, it is important for America’s consumers to direct as much of their buying power toward the items produced by American-based businesses that employ American workers from the point of production to the point of sale.

Everyone is asked to support America’s local businesses throughout the year and during the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every month, which is promoted as “National Small Business Weekend.” This is another opportunity for America’s consumers to support local small businesses that help employ more than 60 million Americans.

For more information visit: NationalSmallBusinessWeekend.com.

Thanks for your participation and for spreading the word about the Buy American Made Campaign and all efforts that promote American-made products and American workers.

Michael Blichasz

American Workers Radio, 860 AM

Go play, little Johnny

This is what happens when you elect a child like John Fetterman, eliminating the Senate dress code. Has he become capable of speaking the English language yet? His constituents would like to know. He hasn’t been in public since his babbling episode in front of the unions in Philadelphia. Talk about taxation without representation. Maybe he should put on his shorts and hoodies and go to the playground with the rest of the toddlers. The disrespectful lout.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

White supremacy is a threat

This is a rebuttal to Al Ulus’ Sept. 13 letter to the editor.

Mr. Ulus, once again, you have given an example of your lack of empathy, understanding or perhaps willful ignorance with your last opinion letter, “Constitution Day.”

I do not argue that this day should be one that we acknowledge. However, the problem I have is what you said about white supremacy not being the most dangerous threat to our homeland. Actually, our whole political system is unfortunately embedded in it. Have you heard of the mayor of Newbern, Alabama? His name is Patrick Braxton, an African American man who has been shut out of his office. They are claiming it is not because of race, but it seems the white people in charge took umbrage when he was the only one to file candidacy paperwork with the county clerk by the town’s 2020 mayoral election deadline. He won by default, and was sworn in.

The population in this town is 85% black. He and his council members were locked out of the town hall after having one meeting. There is presently a lawsuit. His lawyer had messages of lynchings and threats to her children. These are threats here at home made by our own citizens.

It is things like this, happening now, that are a threat to our Constitution. We have work to do as white people not to act like white supremacy is not a big deal. It is a domestic threat, here at home. Folks that are home-grown terrorists.

It is white supremacy that is influencing people to ban real history to be taught in school, lest our white children feel bad about themselves, when the truth is their parents do not want to face the reality that there has been a system put in place to not allow folks who do not look like them to get their share of the American Dream. It is white supremacy that allowed redlined neighborhoods, preventing people of color to get loans or at least at a reasonable rate, unlike my family, or I am guessing yours. This prevented generational wealth, home ownership where we are able to pass down such properties to our families.

A system like this, again founded on the freedom for white male landowners, not “all” was and still is a threat. Maybe you do not feel like it is for you, as, if you are white like me, this has not been an issue. However, I have had an open mind for quite a few years now. I have been able to admit I was wrong about things, and have learned from people how it is for them and listen to their stories. I have a responsibility as a parent of a black child to learn and teach her that this country is great, but not perfect, and I can’t walk in her shoes. I can only try to speak out when I read an opinion that is racist, but done in the disguise of patriotism. True patriotism includes everyone, and fights the threat at home.

Eileen Teti

Castor Gardens

Tax abatement

I am tired of reading articles about how the tax abatement is responsible for so many of the city’s problems. I live in a senior citizens’ development of 320 houses that has the tax abatement. The residents are middle-class working people. First let me point out that the abatement means you pay lower taxes for 10 years, not no taxes. Second the abatement has actually increased the city’s tax base. A large number of people in my development have actually moved back into the city from the suburbs. An equally large number did not move out of the city because of the abatement. Many of the houses have passed the 10-year mark and are now paying full taxes. No one has moved out because of that. The end result is that the city now has a larger number of taxpaying households because of the abatement.

Ronni Flitter


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