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Krasner already at it

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The looting we had last week was stomach churning. So were the excuses from the Inquirer (such as columnist Jenice Armstrong).

How many more businesses will now close up shop? How valuable to you is that local drug store?

I see that DA Krasner is already talking about reducing charges for some looters. What? I wonder if he’s wearing new sneakers and sporting the latest iPhone?

We have out-of-control taxes, terrible schools, too few police and public officials who create an atmosphere of lawlessness. We are a city that desperately needs new leadership.

There should be outrage everywhere. Is enough ever enough?

There’s a mayor’s race going on — you would hardly know it. Does anyone see the candidates? Do the media regularly question them?

We need citywide candidate forums — where citizens can speak their frustration. Instead Cherelle Parker is following the “Biden in the Basement” campaign. No one seems to care.

Where are the debates, televised for all to see? Ms. Parker, tell us how you will fight crime. David Oh, can you be the Republican who actually offers new policy ideas? We’ll never know.

The next mayor will set the tone for the whole city government. I bet more than half the eligible voters will not even bother to vote.

Shame on us all.

Richard Iaconelli


Make Boulevard safer

I agree with Viktor Kagan that, “Drivers, pedestrians, bikers and public transportation riders  should not worry about their life being turned upside down because they took or crossed the Boulevard.”

The city could end Roosevelt Boulevard pedestrian deaths tomorrow: put the cross walks underground, or build pedestrian bridges over the road. Why won’t the city do that? Why don’t reporters and citizens ask the city why they don’t?

The Boulevard could be made far safer tomorrow by synchronizing the traffic lights to 45 mph, ending speeding and red light running. But it won’t happen because the cameras make too much money. Philadelphia will keep the Boulevard dangerous because the profit motive of speed cameras, tens of millions of dollars, encourages the government to ignore safe alternatives. Speed cameras can’t stop accidents, they can only take pictures.

Do the cameras make the Boulevard safer? We don’t know and we can’t know because camera data is kept top secret by PA law. The studies that show huge reductions in traffic crashes come from PennDOT and the PPA. In other words, the fox guarding the hen house. It’s not possible for an unbiased, independent group with no financial ties to cameras to get access to camera data to determine if cameras really do make the Boulevard safer. What are they going to say?   PPA and PennDOT have tens of millions of dollars flowing into government to protect.

Tell your state representative and state senator to vote NO on HB 1284.

Tom McCarey


Speed cameras reduce accidents

In his letter printed Aug. 30, Tom McCarey asks for reports that well-managed programs using speed cameras help reduce accidents and injuries. Following are just a few.

• A local newspaper, Metro

Data shows reduction in traffic fatalities on Boulevard

Title: Data shows reduction in traffic fatalities on Boulevard

• CDC, Centers For Disease Control and Prevention



Automated speed camera enforcement should be used to aid traditional enforcement efforts or in locations where traffic stops are impractical or unsafe.

The relationship between driving speed and the risk of a crash and/or fatality is well established.

Automated speed camera enforcement is effective in reducing speed and speed-related crashes.

• Report on WUSA9




Yes, speed cameras reduce speeding and speed-related crashes.

Studies show they reduce speeding and protect pedestrians in the event of a car crash.

Yes, studies show that speed cameras slow down drivers, limit the number of crashes and reduce the risk of serious injury or death for pedestrians.

Harry Thorn


News blackout

In response to Carl Williams’ 9-6 letter, Fox News has uncovered $20 million going to Biden family members, but your Democrat news has zero coverage of this. Over 100 LLC shell companies to hide money, again, zero coverage. All this money, no taxes paid, and Biden wants us to pay our fair share. Also, what is the product the Bidens produce? The Bidens are traitors selling America out. Democrat news will report on the arrest of Trump and legal problems, but won’t call it what it is, election interference. Trying to remove Trump from the ballot. It must hurt Democrats that everything they accused Trump of, they have done and worse. The mayor of New York must be a racist, he does not want any more brown people from that madman in Texas.

The Deplorable
Tom Anderson

Holme Circle

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