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Future of our neighborhoods hangs in the balance

By Pete Smith

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This Nov. 7 will play a pivotal role for our city and especially for the Northeast. As quality-of-life issues, crime and public safety continue to escalate in our neighborhoods, this coming election will set the stage for what the future holds. Normally our municipal elections do not have a huge turnout, however this November we need to all do our part and vote for candidates like Jim Hasher as if our lives depended on it, because quite frankly it does because of the so-called “Working Families Party.” This national organization of socialists is moving into big cities like Philadelphia to push its extremist ideology that ironically does not represent true working families in Philly.

Why is the WFP so dangerous? They want to defund the police, they support Larry Krasner, they are against small business, against growth and development and they are for heroin injection sites, the total opposite of what true working families believe. In fact, comments by both candidates made after the dismissal of charges against Mark Dial were inflammatory, divisive and dangerous, and only fueled anger that resulted in riots and looting.

As a city councilman at large, Jim Hasher will best represent true working families in the Northeast as he is also one of us. Jim Hasher is a lifelong resident, operates two small businesses in the Northeast, is a loving husband, father and continues to be a youth coach and mentor at the Torresdale Boys Club even though his children are grown. Jim understands what working families and small businesses need to succeed. He does not support Larry Krasner’s policies and is totally against heroin injection sites. He is pro-police endorsed by the FOP, and he is pro-growth and development, which is why he is endorsed by the building trade unions.

Let’s look back to Sept. 14, when City Council introduced a bill to ban heroin injection sites. The vote was 13-1 in favor of banning these sites. The one NO vote came from Kendra Brooks. On Sept. 28, all members of City Council voted to override the mayor’s veto of the bill, all except Kendra. All other councilmembers regardless of party voted the way their constituents wanted. Four years ago, we didn’t take them seriously and allowed Kendra Brooks to sneak into City Council, and now they are looking to take another seat. They use out-of-state money from extreme donors like George Soros and other radical organizations. To date there are only 13 registered WFP voters in Philadelphia, which is why they use out-of-state volunteers to campaign. Who do they represent if they only have 11 constituents? Why do they spend more time worrying about other cities and states and not Philly?

On Nov. 7, say YES to Jim Hasher and Drew Murray and NO to the Working Families Party candidates Kendra Brooks and Nicolas O’Rourke. Voting has consequences, not voting has dire consequences.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. ••

Pete Smith is secretary of the Philadelphia Republican Party and Republican leader of the 62nd Ward.

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