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Responding to hostage takers

Israel’s 9-11. That is how many newspapers and TV commentators are referring to the horrific attack by Hamas on Oct. 7. The United States lost 3,000 people on 9-11 and Israel lost about 1,300 on Oct. 7. But consider that as of the last census the U.S. had about 330 million people and Israel has 9 million. The U.S. has 34 times more people than Israel. So the 1,300 murdered Israelis would be equal to 44,000 dead Americans. Hamas is also holding around 200 hostages. That would be equal to 6,000 American hostages. Many of the hostages are Americans. What do you think is an appropriate response considering that Hamas doesn’t represent all of the people in Gaza?

Ronni Flitter


Masino right man for the job

I’ve lived in Northeast Philadelphia my entire adult life, where my husband and I raised two wonderful boys. Although I appreciate the service of our current councilmember, I believe we need new energy.

We moved to Bustleton in the 1970s when Greenberg was one of the top schools in the city. Sadly, our current city councilmember has done little to support Greenberg. Today it is rated as one of the worst-maintained schools in the district — with a 45 out of 100 grade.

Gary Masino’s platform includes funding to fix our decaying public schools. As a lifelong sheet metal worker and president of Local 19, Masino knows that improving our community’s infrastructure is a win for our economy and our families. Many neighbors talk personally about Masino’s big heart, tireless work ethic and approachability, including giving his cell number to his 5,000 members.

I thank the incumbent for his time, but believe we need someone who will finally fight for the Northeast. A “worker” who will repair our schools, forever potholes (Krewstown Road), a left-turn signal at Grant and the Boulevard, bring jobs and business to the Northeast and answer our calls. Gary Masino is the right man for the job.

Patricia Khan


Ritter for DA

I am considering a run against Larry Krasner. My platform is this: If you commit a misdemeanor, you will get a $500 bonus. If you commit a felony (robbery, assault, etc.), you will get a $1,000 bonus. And, if you commit a murder, you will get a new car, a new house, two illegal immigrants and a partridge in a pear tree.

And I promise to do all these things because, remember Stupidelphia, you get what you vote for.

Mark Ritter


More illegals on their way?

Are we ready for that last wave of summer — the one that might submerge all of Philadelphia?

Mayor Adams in New York is pleading for help from the Biden administration as waves of 10,000 migrants a month pour into his city. He says every neighborhood will be affected.

There are ugly confrontations as aliens are dumped on blue-collar Staten Island. City schools suddenly have 20,000 new students, unvaccinated and speaking everything but English.

There is now a proposal to house thousands of these illegals in Atlantic City, at the airport (as if they’ll just stay there).

Do you think Philadelphia will remain unscathed? Will Jim Kenney’s last chapter be “sanctuary city” flashing in neon lights?

Will we house them in our schools or strip malls — or put them up at the NE airport? Will our property taxes go up another obscene 30% — or will the city stick the costs to us in utility bills?

Who will pay for the crime they commit, like the murderer escaped in Chester County? Just how much money has it cost to pursue him?

How many more drugs brought into our communities? How many more girls bartered by sex traffickers? How many more city resources depleted?

The border crisis alone qualifies Biden as a reckless and inhumane president. Now his administration has literally welded border gates open — and he’s sold off Trump’s remaining wall materials. A thumb in the eye to any law-abiding American.

And to think, people write letters to the NE Times, praising the wonderful leadership of Joe Biden. Well, it is not only the communists who have their useful fools.

Richard Iaconelli


The facts about Biden

In response to Rus Slawter’s Sept. 13 letter, may I suggest, Rus, read Al Ulus’ post of the same day. What Al stated is undeniable facts about Biden and his administration. Rus, in your post, you state the FBI helped Trump win the 2016 election. I am willing to listen. Post again, tell us how the FBI helped.

You state Biden is for the people. Do you put gas in your car? Food shop? Trump has turned the Republican Party into the people’s party. As far as the unions, a lot of oil worker union jobs were destroyed his first week in office. You and I both know a great many union workers voted for Trump. They have figured out if Democrats get all the immigrants they want, they won’t need the unions anymore.

The Deplorable

Tom Anderson
Holme Circle

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