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Masino helped elect Krasner

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As the president of the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 5, I could no longer sit silently by as I watch the campaign of 10th District City Council candidate Gary Masino.

Despite his claims to the contrary, official documents prove that, in 2017, the FIRST time Larry Krasner ran for office, the union run by Mr. Masino chose to back Larry Krasner, over the FOP-endorsed candidate, with significant financial support.

That’s right: Masino helped elect Krasner in the first place – and made a conscious decision to do so over the advice of the police who put their lives on the line every day to keep our city safe.

Before you vote, whenever you hear Mr. Masino try to wiggle out of his past support for Larry Krasner or confuse you with his support of later candidates, please remember: When it mattered most – when he had the chance to stop Larry Krasner before he started – Masino supported Krasner.

If you care about the safety of the Far Northeast and your family, there is a clear choice for City Council in the 10th District: Brian O’Neill.

The FOP has endorsed Brian O’Neill because he has a clear record of standing up for public safety, standing up to the failures of Larry Krasner and working successfully to secure millions of dollars in extra funding to put more police on our streets. Quite simply, Brian O’Neill has always been there for our families, our safety and the police. He’s earned your vote.

John J. McNesby


FOP Lodge #5

Elect Masino

My name is Matthew Wagher. I am a Local 19 apprentice, and I have lived in Northeast Philadelphia for 22 years. Seeing my neighborhood fall apart is just a shame. Gary Masino is the best candidate for City Council, the Northeast needs a change and he is the man to do just that. Gary Masino is a strong, smart and business-oriented man. Gary Masino takes care of the members of Local 19 each and every day, and he can do the same for Northeast Philadelphia.

Matthew Wagher

Parkwood Manor

Masino: I don’t support Krasner

I want to address an important matter concerning my position on District Attorney Larry Krasner and the recent mailers sent to voters.

Let me start by making it unequivocally clear: I do not support District Attorney Larry Krasner. Throughout my involvement in local politics, I have consistently supported Krasner’s opponents in every election.

There’s deliberate confusion regarding a check sent from Local 19 to Larry Krasner’s campaign many years ago. Krasner had already defeated his opponent, an opponent I supported. Many unions, including mine, sought to fight an insidious economic problem. The purpose of this funding was to raise awareness of, and to combat, “worker misclassification,” which costs taxpayers countless dollars and abuses workers.

Even after that specific instance, I and my union supported Krasner’s opponents at every turn. I’ve actually supported several Republicans, including my opponent, when I believed he was working for the Northeast. Once I learned O’Neill was failing us, I decided to run to replace him.

Brian O’Neill is simply trying to deflect from his absenteeism and his lack of fighting for you. The changes to our community have come under his watch. It’s time for change before it’s too late.

Gary Masino

Democratic Candidate for District 10 City Council

Inaction on guns

Another mass shooting. Another time the news reporters indicate an assault weapon was used. Another time the news reporters indicate there were mental health issues. But does the news state that background checks will take place, or assault weapons will be banned? Congress mentions about our rights to have weapons. Anymore, this statement is nothing more than a coverup for supporting the NRA. What a disgrace.

Marie Patton

Fox Chase

Quick question about Gaza

I have been hearing news stories about people in Gaza getting so desperate that they have been breaking into warehouses filled with food and stealing it. My question is, if there were warehouses filled with food in Gaza, why didn’t Hamas distribute it to the people if they actually cared about them?

Ronni Flitter


What crime?

Isn’t it amazing how these people try to make up things that Biden has committed without even mentioning one. The only thing they can think about is his son Hunter. Of course, he knows what his son is doing 10,000 miles away in another country. He’s being accused of not paying taxes for two years, something Trump hasn’t done for 25 years. Now all of a sudden they care about gun control after they gave everyone assault weapons. How about Trump’s son-in-law who received $2 billion from Saudi Arabia. I guess that didn’t involve Trump, right? Wrong. Everyone except Trump knew that Russia was involved in his election in 2016. That’s his good buddy. All of Trump’s misdeeds are proven every time he opens his mouth. As long as his face gets on TV he doesn’t care what they charge him with. He would love to see a civil war as long as his name was involved.

Rus Slawter


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