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Letters to the Editor

Gun reform now

As Thanksgiving draws near, our hearts go out to those families with an empty seat at the table, due to the misuse of guns. There have been more than 33,500 senseless gun-related deaths this year. This number cries out for sensible gun reform. As we mourn with those families whose mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers have been shot and or/killed during this past year, we also give thanks for our many blessings. First among these is the gift of life. Let us ensure in every way possible that life itself be the primary goal for our children and their children. Support gun reform now.

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Sister Vera Sheenan

Medical Mission Sisters Justice and Peace Committee

Looking out for themselves

Why does America seem to incessantly invest in foreign affairs when their domestic citizens continue to suffer our own atrocities? Not to say that what’s going on abroad is not disturbing but we as Americans, especially African Americans, constantly and on a daily basis are subject to racial profiling, attacks against us that fall on deaf ears and an overall unfair treatment by other cultures who still use the “n” word but find ourselves defenseless when it comes to using language “offensive” to other cultures. I wonder if those who live abroad commiserate with the plight of African Americans who need to once and for all look out for ourselves before we take on other people’s problems.

Felecia Colquitt


A thank you and a promise

Thank you to all the residents of the 10th District who placed your confidence in me and voted to re-elect me as councilman. Representing our families and neighborhoods is one of the greatest honors of my life and I am extremely grateful for the support you have given me. 

My pledge today is the same as it has always been. I will put politics and partisanship aside to work for what is best for the Far Northeast. Together, we will continue to help all our residents, by working to keep our unique community the safest and most family friendly in all of Philadelphia.

Brian O’Neill

Councilman, 10th District

Don’t kill innocent civilians

The letter from Al Ulus (“Don’t support terrorists”) in the Nov. 8 issue decries the protests he says are in support of the Hamas terrorists. What if I told you, Mr. Ulus, that these protests are largely against the deaths of thousands of non-Hamas civilians in Gaza? Might I get a “Never mind” similar to that of Emily Litella (comedian Gilda Radner), who realized her faux righteous tirade on some subject on Saturday Night Live was for naught?

Saul Broudy
Fox Chase

Deplorable people’s party

Hi, Tom Anderson. In case you forgot, James Comey at the request of your orange hero waited until right before the election to report on Hillary Clinton about her problem just to keep his job. Tell me that didn’t help Trump, even though he still fired him. You say Biden is responsible for the economy. He has begged the billionaires to lower their profits with no response. l do agree with the border problem. Maybe we can get Mexico to build us a wall. l love the people’s party that Trump has built. First got a gang of thugs to attack our Capitol. After he got into office the KKK became active again along with the Nazis who marched across our country. What a wonderful country he built. As far as the Constitution, do you think Trump even knows what that means. He doesn’t even know what democracy means.

Rus Slawter


Leave Hunter alone

Just like a fox: Look at these pulling-straws Republicans. They lost the office and now want to go after the president and his family? Did they go after George Santos’ crimes and corruption? No word on “Justice” Clarence Thomas’ dealings, either. And why are they so silent when Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner got 2 billion from the corrupt Saudis while he worked in the White House and Hunter Biden did not? They defend Trump through all his crookedness, womanizing and radical behavior. They have no policies to run on, just lies, denies and fear mongering. But never come together to have stricter gun laws or help prevent crimes they complain about in their edited fake TV campaign ads. You may not be able to understand after losing your mother and baby sister as a child and brother later in life to an illness. I was a clothing salesman many years ago. One of my good-spending customers was a lawyer. Found out later he would come in and steal things. We wondered why a guy somewhat accomplished would do that? Found out later he was suffering with cancer. Maybe Hunter took to substances to ease his pain and sorrow like many people do for depression. If he was not the president’s son, you would not hear a peep about this suspected issue. Would any blame former Eagles coach Andy Reid for the past actions of his 2 sons? I doubt it. So stop pointing fingers.

Carl Williams


Been there, done that

For your information, Mr. Carl Williams, I’m a disillusioned Democrat. I’m disillusioned with both parties. I don’t want to vote for a delusional Republican or for a Democrat who has delusions. This next election is like going to a restaurant and having a bad meal and bad service and you’ll never go back. We’ve been there for both bad candidates. I don’t want to go back.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

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