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Trump best president ever

The economy in our country really sucks, as everything is too expensive. It’s Biden’s fault and all the other Democrats’ fault, as they are so corrupted. They are for communists and for paying taxes for the lowlife mothers who have kids to stay on welfare, as those women should have kept their legs closed. They are for killing babies and people. They are all for evil things in this world. I sure hope and pray that my favorite president, Trump, gets back in office in 2024, as we need him back. He is the best president we ever had. I always liked Trump since I met him in 1990 when the Trump Taj Mahal first opened. He is a nice guy. I also followed him on the TV show Celebrity Apprentice, as I always enjoyed watching him on that show.

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Christina Myers

Morrell Park

Support Israel

In response to Saul Broudy’s letter (Don’t kill innocent children), I’ll not delve too deep into history. Just a brief look at some events. A letter resurfaced recently that Americans should support Palestinians, the author of this was Osama bin Laden. I’m not going to support anyone who flies jumbo jets into skyscrapers.

I remember the terror of 9/11. I also remember the footage from Gaza, the misnamed West Bank (Judea and Samaria) and South Lebanon of people cheering the murder of 2,977 Americans. When demonstrating for a “ceasefire,” consider, the terrorists who broke an existing ceasefire on 10/7 are the children of those who cheered 9/11. And they killed, in a much more personal manner, about half the number murdered on 9/11. For perspective, Israel has the population of New York City.

Last observation, those “supporting Palestine” have assaulted law enforcement and ripped down the USA flag to replace it with the Hamas one. During the pro-Israel demonstration in D.C., Old Glory was flown as widely and proudly as the Star of David and no one was harmed, least of all a cop by any act of violence.

Joe Jackson


Support local small businesses

As we celebrate another special event in American history, Thanksgiving Day, all of us from the Buy American Made – Support American Workers Campaign wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.  

The 2023 holiday season continues with the celebration of November as National “American Made Month.” This is a time of year for us to consider the well-being of our families and to unite and focus our spending power to benefit American workers and bring about positive changes to America’s economy.

During the holiday season we encourage everyone to carefully consider the gifts and other products you’re planning to purchase for your holiday celebrations. Look at labels and consider how your purchases will benefit the jobs of your family and friends.  

The Thanksgiving holiday is a time to give thanks and also an opportunity to encourage your family and friends to support the efforts of the Buy American Made Campaign that strives to support America’s businesses and people they employ.  

The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday when stores offer pre-holiday discounts to shoppers. It’s followed by Small Business Saturday, another opportunity to support the small businesses in your community.  

Throughout the month of December, we will once again be asking everyone to help us promote December as National Small Business Month and ask everyone to support their local small businesses.

Thanks for helping to promote the ongoing efforts of the Buy American Made Campaign. November as American Made Month and December as National Small Business Month. The best way to spread the word is to encourage your family and friends to visit AmeicanWorkersRadio.com, where all of our efforts are outlined.

Michael Blichasz

American Workers Radio, 860 AM

Repeal driving equity law

Why is Philadelphia being allowed to get away with having its own driving laws independent of the State of Pennsylvania? PA law requires motor vehicles to be inspected yearly for safety. Police have the authority to stop vehicles for non-current or no inspection stickers, non-registration and breaking traffic laws such as running stop signs, red lights and driving erratically.

Not stopping vehicles for safety violations because you’re afraid to offend certain groups of people is absolutely one of the damn dumbest things I ever heard of.

I know there’s at least one person in city administration who did not support this so-called law, so I’m addressing those who did support it:

Philadelphia administration, why don’t you explain your rationale for driving equity laws to the family members of someone killed by a drunk driver who was seen running stop signs, red lights or driving erratically but not stopped because of your nonsense law. Or how about someone killed by a driver whose brakes failed because the vehicle hadn’t been inspected in a couple of years and the problem was never identified.

Your driving equity law is stupid, irrational and is making the city even more unsafe. Have the sense to admit it is a mistake and change it. Untie the hands of the police so they can do the job with impunity. If there are truly some bad officers, wither them out of the department.

I will keep an open mind about Cherelle Parker as our new mayor and see what she does. If she has the guts to butt heads with DA Krasner, she’ll have me at, “Hello.”

Peter DiGiuseppe


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