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Happy 100th birthday, Peg Conners

Margaret “Peg” Conners turned 100 years old on Nov. 19. She has lived in the Northeast her entire life, raising her four children in Mayfair. Peg marked her centenarian birthday with 40 friends and family members at a luncheon at the Buck Hotel.

Peg spent her long career working for the IRS in Philadelphia. Her skills have stayed with her as she still completes her own taxes. She also received a Certificate of Service for her service to the country during World War II from the Army Service Forces. She worked in the Philadelphia Ordinance District. Her late husband, John Conners, was an optometrist.

Peg is an avid reader and a huge fan of the Phillies. She knows the full lineup and never misses a game. She aims to attend a Phillies game in person each season, and was successful in 2023.

Peg’s family adores her cooking, especially her famous Dublin Coddle for St. Patrick’s Day. They appreciate her unwavering faith, open mindedness and unconditional support and love. She is the true matriarch of the family.

The secret to longevity, according to Peg, is walking, reading and taking care of family.

In addition to her four children, Peg has two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. One grandson traveled from California to attend her momentous birthday party. ••

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