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Everyone matters

There is an old-time Christmas movie in which the cast sings Everyone matters. Wouldn’t it be a better world if everyone would put these words into use. No matter what ethnic heritage, people need to have respect for each other. Maybe it starts with themselves. If there is a sense of respect, it will reflect onto people who come into everyday life. Start now, not tomorrow, to realize that everyone does matter.

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Marie Patton

Fox Chase

Driving Mayhem Act

Could the law that City Council passed, where you can’t stop drivers for minor infractions if that’s the primary infraction, have anything to do with the problem of danger on the streets? How many drivers have suspended driver’s licenses, cars that are un-inspected, no insurance or are driving a stolen vehicle? Most of these violations are affecting the brown and black areas that the law was supposed to assist. When is Council going to admit they made a mistake and get rid of the law that has created more mayhem than it has corrected. If it wasn’t a Sixer getting hit it would just been another violent weekend in Philadelphia.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Bus Revolution … I think not

SEPTA has a much more basic problem than the Bus Revolution they have announced. Buses that feed regional rail, such as Route 28, are simply too unreliable. Last week, for example, the early morning buses did not arrive half of the time. We were given no warning that the routes were canceled. Many people depend on this route, including school children.

At the very least, SEPTA could notify us via the Next To Arrive app that the route has been canceled. (The bus drivers often turn off the GPS unit, so you can’t simply rely on the absence of a bus on the real-time tracker.)

SEPTA’s problem is not a redesign of the bus system. Its problem is making the buses run reliably so riders can use a bus/train combination efficiently. A missing bus turns my commute into a 90-minute ordeal for something that is a 30-minute car ride. Unacceptable.

Joseph Picone


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