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Bad judgment by City Council

You have to wonder how many of these stolen cars might have been stopped by police if our illustrious City Council didn’t pass the “you can’t stop any vehicle for a minor violation” bill. Paper tags are part of this bad law. They steal the car and a paper tag from another car and ride around forever. Let’s not blame this problem on lack of police. The law should have never been passed to begin with. It is now costing people in their pocketbooks with increased insurance because, of course, the law-abiding citizens are paying the freight because of City Council’s misjudgment again.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Stop killing the innocent

In reply to my previous letter, Joe Jackson wrote in the Nov. 22 Opinion page: “A letter resurfaced recently that Americans should support Palestinians, the author of this was Osama bin Laden. I’m not going to support anyone who flies jumbo jets into skyscrapers.” This makes no sense at all. The Palestinians did no flying (it was Wahhabi Saudis). “I also remember the footage from Gaza … of people cheering the murder of 2,977 Americans.” There are various opinions on this. One comment says women were given cake if they behaved as if they were happy. Another says Palestinian kids, like all kids, love to act up in front of a camera. Believe what you will, but I tend to demand proof. Trump’s assertion that Palestinians were celebrating in New Jersey on 9/11 has been proven false beyond a doubt (surprise!). In any event, I’m not happy seeing Israeli bombs killing the grandchildren of the folks I met in Gaza in the 1990s any more than I am about the Hamas attack on Israel.

Saul Broudy
Fox Chase

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