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We deserve better than GOP

Joe Biden sure is pretty old. But he’s resilient and courageous, too. Joe Biden has visited two hot war zones, passed a giant, desperately needed public infrastructure bill that’s helping prevent our bridges from collapsing under us, and he successfully helped to negotiate the return of American hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. The old man is doing pretty good for his age.

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Uncle Joe sure is a gaffe machine, though. But the guy can laugh at himself, too. At a recent event, someone fell down and Uncle Joe asked him if he was OK, eliciting a laugh from the audience. Then Uncle Joe said, “I want the press to know that wasn’t me,” again eliciting a bout of laughter. Trump doesn’t laugh. Ever. All he has is anger, endless whining and grievance. And he’s pretty darn old, too. He doesn’t seem to know who the current president is. His mental demise is sad. So sad. Oh so sad.

Is everything more expensive? Yep. Though to be fair, gas has gone down a bit. Thankfully everything isn’t even more expensive than it already is. If Biden hadn’t taken over when he did, Trump would have run the country into an economic ditch and then blamed everyone but the man in the mirror. As usual, the Democrat has to clean up after the Republican made a mess of our economy. Obama had to do it after Bush, and now Biden has to do it for Trump. So, if you need to whine, whine to Trump. Or if you’re an actual Republican, stop whining and pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Stop blaming Biden. Stop blaming everyone else for your problems and do something about them yourself. Isn’t that what the Republicans are always telling everyone else?

As all Americans should be, I choose to remain optimistic. Cynicism is cheap, lazy and an excuse of people who are weak-minded, short-sighted and unimaginative. Optimism means work, but optimism is our decision, our responsibility and our future. No one said life was going to be easy or fair, but this is America, and optimism lives in our souls. MAGA Republicans and Trump do not offer us a future; they have nothing to offer us but fear and threats. Do not reward their threats and terror. Give them nothing. Let them pound sand. Let them destroy themselves. Do not let them destroy America. We deserve better. We can do better. We will do better.

Michael A. Podgorski

Fox Chase

No to subway expansion

City Councilman Mike Driscoll, why are they proposing to have a subway line going into the NE on Roosevelt Blvd.? I’m quite sure many concerned homeowners will disagree and disapprove of this bad idea. You already have a SEPTA express bus line from Frankford Ave. to Philadelphia Mills mall on the Boulevard. All the subway will do is bring unwanted negative behaviors to the NE parts of Philadelphia. It will increase homelessness, more trash, more crime, more graffiti, decrease property value and bring more drifters to our respected neighborhoods. All who are concerned should speak with unity against this. Businesses will attract this negative behavior. Quite sure federal funds and our tax dollars can be used for more positive things and not for what degrades neighborhoods and communities. Let’s keep quality, decency and peace in the Northeast.

Carl Williams


We don’t want a Boulevard subway

Notwithstanding the gung ho from some local officials, the time for constructing a 12-mile subway connecting Broad Street to Neshaminy Road has passed. Maybe some 80 years ago it could have been feasible, but to do it now would cause major disruptions for businesses and residents. And if any city official thinks they’re going to deploy eminent domain to seize properties for this project, they need to seriously rethink that. The area is much too built up for such an undertaking now and would cause a host of problems that could last for decades. 

Of course some city officials will welcome the chance to line their pockets with “special considerations” and union kickbacks but residents seem to be sending a resounding no to those floating the idea. I’m one of them. If they want to make the Boulevard safer, get rid of this idiotic driving equity law, strictly enforce speed limits, and get those who shouldn’t be driving off the roads; especially illegal immigrants who are being welcomed into the city by those who are shielded from the detrimental effects of policies they themselves helped to push through.

Tackle the crime, drug and homeless problems instead of worrying about something residents are loudly rejecting.

Peter DiGiuseppe


A need for mental health care

NAMI Philadelphia’s mission is to provide education, advocacy, awareness, support and resources to those whose lives are impacted by mental illness. Together with other members of the community, we are committed to improving quality of life for individuals living with mental illness as well as their families.

In our efforts, NAMI Philadelphia continues to recognize the overwhelmingly positive impact that Medicare Advantage has on its beneficiaries, particularly regarding expanded access to high-quality, behavioral health care for Pennsylvanians. Now covering more than half of eligible Medicare beneficiaries, Medicare Advantage provides another critical resource for patients and families struggling with mental illness.

Compared to those enrolled in traditional, fee-for-service Medicare, beneficiaries in Medicare Advantage enjoy access to a wider range of supplemental offerings that help increase access to critical behavioral health care services. This includes free transportation to and from mental health care appointments, treatment from licensed professional counselors and licensed marriage and family therapists, activity therapy and peer and support groups.

Moving forward, NAMI Philadelphia recommends leaders continue supporting a strong Medicare Advantage program that increases patient access to mental and behavioral health services. One key way to do so is by expanding workforce development efforts to address staffing challenges in the field of mental and behavioral health that currently hinder access to such critical care.

Our leaders in Washington, including Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation, can help NAMI Philadelphia continue to address the growing need for mental health care in our communities by working to strengthen and improve Medicare Advantage.

Kyle Carter

Executive Director, NAMI Philadelphia

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