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Promote American goods and workers

Supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign and American Workers Radio can look with pride at our accomplishments in recent years. Together we have generated the support of tens of millions of Americans and everyone is asked to help us make 2024 the year to promote American made and American workers even more.

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We see that our actions speak louder than words and that we, America’s consumers, have been doing everything possible to make changes happen, because the level of changes we need will not happen on their own.

By using our purchasing power to support the work and skills of American workers first, we have seen more companies proudly supporting the American-made label. Our goal is to encourage more businesses to expand in America so we can have more American-made items available everywhere we shop.

With the help of tens of millions of our supporters all over America, along with radio, internet and newspaper commentaries, we continue to spread the word and our grassroots campaign continues to grow. From what we see, our efforts are more effective than America’s national elected leaders who were elected to represent the well-being of the American people. Most people struggle to list the names of national leaders who have gone out of their way to get business leaders, investors and America’s workforce together to restore industries in the United States of America. National elected leaders should follow the example of state and local leaders, and supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign, to look for every opportunity possible to urge businesses to expand and restore jobs in all parts of the United States of America.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Promote our efforts during 2024 so we can create more long-lasting and quality jobs for our fellow Americans.

Happy New Year and thanks for spreading the word.

Michael Blichasz


Sold his soul

So many “sold their souls” for power, status, prestige, position and/or money. Who recognizes the Democratic Party today as the one we, the boomers, knew, or the one our parents knew. Talk about “turning over in their graves.” Former Mayor Kenney grew up Catholic, “sold his soul” with his support of abortion and gay marriage to get elected mayor in the Democratic city of Philadelphia. “Sold his soul” for money with the soda tax. Remind me who benefited from that tax? Certainly not our city; positively not our schools with average standard test scores, compared to a decade ago, declining seven points in reading and 14 points in mathematics. The city’s schools rank near the bottom of 26 big-city districts in a national assessment. We can all remember the “Sanctuary City Dance.” Thanks for the homelessness and undocumented.
I am holding out hope for our newly elected mayor, Cherelle Parker. It was refreshing, and it showed courage on her part, to be heard on the Dom Giordano Show. It took backbone for the mayor to talk about out-of-control crime and the desperate need for enforcement of law and order. Good luck to you, Mayor Parker. Stick to your beliefs, do not sell your soul. God bless your journey.

Frances M. Breen


Show gratitude to law enforcement

The beginning of each new year brings something exciting for every person — whether it’s a life milestone such as a wedding or maybe a relaxing vacation. For the Fraternal Order of Police Pennsylvania State Lodge, it means National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day is held each year on Jan. 9, and was created as a way for the community to show their gratitude to all law enforcement officers across the country.

Dozens of officers give their lives in the line of duty each year, making law enforcement one of the most dangerous careers imaginable. This is why we ask that you join us in honoring and thanking the select few who make this commitment to protecting your community on this day of appreciation.

Some of the easiest ways to show your gratitude include writing a thank you card to your local department, wearing an article of blue clothing, or simply thanking a police officer if you see one. We invite you to participate in making National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day one to remember for those who give so much of themselves.

On behalf of the Fraternal Order of Police Pennsylvania State Lodge, we thank you for supporting those who protect our commonwealth’s communities every day.

Joseph Regan, President

FOP Pennsylvania State Lodge

Taught to hate

Are children being taught to hate? Being taught it is OK to shoot and kill. What are kids hearing in the home? Especially when you hear that a kid has shot and killed his or her friends or people in a school. It does not make sense to blame access to assault weapons, but rather it does make sense to ask why the person kills. The way a person is formed does start in the home. Maybe it is time to ask the parents, have you taught your children what is right and what is wrong.

Marie Patton

Fox Chase

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