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Trillion with a ‘T’

The U.S. national debt has just surpassed $34 trillion. Have any of our so-called “leaders” spoken about reducing that debt that each of us must pay?

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Fun fact. If you spend a million dollars a day, it will take 34 million days to spend $34 trillion.

Mark S. Ritter


In support of gay marriage

This is a rebuttal to Sold his soul by Frances Breen, on Jan. 10, who had problems with Mayor Kenney supporting gay marriage and considering it selling his soul. I was not a fan of Kenney’s and am personally glad he is no longer our mayor. However, I have family that are gay and are married, one of whom is a Catholic. I think it’s very harsh to say someone sells their soul because they support gay marriage. I think everyone has the right to be with who they love and by marrying someone they love, they can have the advantages that those of us who are married to the opposite sex have by being in a legally binding marriage. I personally feel gay marriage has not affected me or my family in any negative way. You may not stand for gay marriage, but if someone does I don’t think they are selling their souls to anybody, they are just realizing that love is love.

Eileen Teti

Castor Gardens

Pulling a Biden

In response to Mike Podgorski’s recent letter:

When Trump wins the presidency
Go pound sand
When Trump has weaponized the DOJ
Go pound stand
When he’s weaponized the IRS
Go pound sand
When he’s weaponized the FBI
Go pound sand
When he’s weaponized the CIA
Go pound sand
When he’s weaponized judges to stop public officials from taking choices on who’s on the ballot
Go pound sand
When he puts Biden in jail for his total betrayal of the United States
Go pound sand
When biological men can’t compete in women’s sports
Go pound sand
When he exposes the government in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot
Go pound sand
When Trump builds the wall and sends all the illegal Democratic hopefuls home again
Go pound sand

Your Democratic karma is coming.

The Deplorable Thomas Anderson
Holme Circle

Be a patriotic American shopper

In 1999, we first began to promote the American Workers Need You campaign. Today tens of millions of our fellow Americans are supporting this effort. Our goals are the same.

We’re looking to restore at least a 50/50 balance of what is sold in America’s stores with a made in the USA label so we can restore thousands of industries that would manufacture a competitive line of products once made in the United States that left America for foreign countries, creating millions of jobs outside of the United States.

Compliments to everyone promoting American Workers Need You campaign and American Workers Radio. Together we have helped slow down the loss of industries leaving America and helped maintain and create more job opportunities for people of many nationalities in cities and states across the United States that we proudly call the Great Mosaic of America.

At this time, everyone is encouraged to Be A Patriotic American Shopper and support the American workers and products and services they represent. Made in America represents a wide variety of manufacturers, distributors, service providers at stores in local neighborhoods and malls who all depend on your purchases to remain in business and keep people employed.

For many years, Americans filled their shopping bags with foreign-made items without fully understanding the plight of American workers. Now that we are more united, it is important for us to be a Patriotic American shopper and add to the success of the Buy American Made Campaign that is focused on more jobs for our fellow Americans who need and appreciate us supporting the Made in America message.

Thanks for spreading the word.

You can email your suggestions to Michael@AmericanWorkersRadio.com.

Michael Blichasz


Biden better than Trump

Remember when the Republican-controlled Congress of 2016-18 passed massive tax cuts for the rich? Trump signed that into law, and gave away billions of hard-earned American tax dollars to billionaires, and all while Trump avoided paying the taxes he owed to the American people. Fumbling the biggest crisis to face America since the Great Recession, Trump allowed over 1 million of our fellow Americans to die from COVID-19. Trump drove the Dow Jones down to 19,000 in March 2020, damaging millions of 401Ks, and America suffered the greatest loss of jobs in a single presidency ever. Meanwhile, sex offender Trump (found liable in a civil trial) went golfing every three days. Trump incited his followers to an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, and refused to call them off as they brutally beat and attacked police officers, and smashed the Capitol building. Trump lied, denied and refused to accept that he lost the 2020 election. The loser Trump blamed all of these outcomes on everybody else, except himself. Trump is unbefitting of American citizenship.

And then Biden took over a gigantic mess and what did he do? Biden solved the unemployment crisis, bringing unemployment levels to record lows. Biden solved the supply chain issues, ensuring children received gifts at Christmas. Biden solved soaring inflation (and egg-flation), bringing them back down to normal levels. Biden solved gas prices, bringing them back down from record highs caused by Trump. So when you see that sticker, “I did that!” – Biden sure did. Biden supported unions and other economic efforts that resulted in workers’ wages actually increasing. Biden ensured the economy never entered a recession, beating all the critics’ predictions for 2023. Biden made sure that U.S. troops received the biggest pay raise in 20 years. Biden visited not one, but two hot war zones, standing in solidarity with our allies against terrorists and authoritarians. Biden has handled one crisis after another, while Trump couldn’t manage even one without completely catastrophic results. So I ask you, who do we want in charge of this country again? There can be no doubt that Biden is better for building back America.

Michael A. Podgorski

Fox Chase

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