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Nothing equal about this law

It would be nice to know what this driver equity law equalizes. If you incur the violations you get a pass. If you actually take care of your car and register it and get insurance so you can properly get it inspected you are penalized under the law. You are paying a fine for doing everything right. Then we get into the equality of having insurance or not having insurance. The driver under the equality law doesn’t have insurance because City Council just gave them a free ride. Meanwhile the penalized driver’s insurance premiums rise because their uninsured/underinsured rates go up. Boy these penalties keep adding up and we haven’t even got into an accident with the underinsured/insured motorist yet. What a fiasco that will be. Your insurance company will pay to fix your car and will attempt to get you $500/$1,000 deductible back (good luck). After a while the insurance companies decide to stop insuring in Philadelphia (sort of like the soda tax) or raise your premiums sky high. This happened in the ‘80s when the state came out with “assigned risk” policies and people were using NJ and Del. addresses. So in the end, where is the equality? The drivers who do everything right are penalized or taxed and the ones who break the law continue to get a free ride and put people in jeopardy.

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Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Who is to blame?

An Israeli and a Palestinian are arguing about what must be done so that peace can be achieved. They agree to consult a certain wise man at the United Nations. The Palestinian offers his viewpoint and the wise man declares that the Palestinian is right. The Israeli then presents his case and the wise man says that the Israeli is right. The Palestinian and Israeli both ask the wise man how can they both be right. The wise man thinks for a moment and replies, “You are right.” 

The only thing too many on both sides agree on is that there should be a single state from the river (Jordan) to the sea (Mediterranean). Where they disagree is which state, Israel or Palestine. The dispute is not a case of right versus wrong but right versus right. Meanwhile, the blood from both sides flows together in the streets.

Mel Flitter


End sanctuary city status

New Mayor Parker wants to clean up the drug problem in Kensington. That is admirable, but the drug center will simply move to another community unless the cheap sources dry up.

One thing she really needs to do is end the “sanctuary city” status of Philadelphia. We need to fully cooperate with law enforcement to get rid of criminal aliens.

It is hard to imagine how much damage is being done to our city by illegal drugs brought across the border.

Fentanyl kills 70,000 to 100,000 a year in our nation — far more than all homicides combined.

The related problems of immigrant work and sex slavery  are a moral mockery of our Bill of Rights.

Yet, our political leaders refuse to deal with the issue because their wealthy supporters want cheap labor, and new voters to cancel out traditional Americans.

It would be a small but meaningful step forward if Cherelle Parker would stand up to the national Democrat Party and say, Philadelphia stands against illegal immigration and sanctuary cities.

We are a city of poverty, crime and dysfunction. We need to put our resources fully into helping our own citizens.

Richard Iaconelli


Highlight American-made products

During the last few years, our supporters have seen for themselves how much our efforts have benefited American workers and the businesses proudly listing on their labels that they are made or assembled in America.

Our efforts helped bring attention to the fact that America’s industries were being outsourced around the world while Americans lost jobs and their livelihoods.

Our efforts opened the eyes of the American people by asking them to look at labels and ask why these products aren’t made in America anymore.

Our efforts helped slow down the loss of additional companies considering a move overseas.

Our efforts helped American-based businesses see the benefit of maintaining and growing their product lines in the United States of America, where their customers live and need jobs.

Our efforts and our buying habits have left a lasting impression on manufacturers and investors who want to satisfy customers in search of products made in America.

Because support for the American-made label is so important, we always urge American-based businesses to highlight on their labels and packaging that the items are made or assembled in the United States of America.

We all know that well-presented labels help alert customers that the products they are looking at are made or assembled in America. If you, a family member or friend work for a business manufacturing in the USA, you are encouraged to highlight the fact that their products are made in America.

Thanks for your participation and for spreading the word about the efforts of the Buy American Made Campaign. Send your suggestions to Michael@AmerianWorkersRadio.com.

Michael Blichasz


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